chilling adventures of sabrina
photo: Netflix

Chills, thrills, and darkness are coming back to your Netflix account in just a few months! The streaming giant just dropped the first teaser trailer for "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" season two, and fortunately you have to only wait until April 5.

Netflix filmed both the first and second season of "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" back to back, which is why they're blessing us with part two so soon! It will consist of 10 new episodes, and all of them will be available to stream on April 5, 2019.

The first season ended with a cliff-hanger of sorts, with Sabrina signing over her soul to Satan — NBD. And from the looks of the teaser trailer, she's ready to go nuts and embrace her witchiness in season two.

Plus, it seems our girl has adopted a new look, and we are living for it! In the teaser, Aunt Zelda asks her, "Since when do you wear black? Trying to be edgy?" Sabrina responds, "It's a new year!"

Check out the trailer for yourself:

Sabrina appears to be getting very cozy with Nick in the trailer, and people have some feelings about it.

Meanwhile, there might be some sort of romantic spark between Harvey and Roz. Hmmmm....

No matter what happens with these crazy teens, one thing is for sure: It's gonna be good.

Also, can we just appreciate that magical outfit-changing mirror montage? It's definitely a nod to the OG Sabrina, and it's giving us major nostalgia.

photo: Netflix

Anyone else miss Melissa Joan Hart?

photo: ABC

Anyway, even though the series will return April 5, which is only four months away, people are impatient as heck.

But with the love and support of the coven, four months will surely fly by.

Especially with the help of the holiday special, which will air on Netflix on December 14.