The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is coming back with a vengeance, and we are so ready to journey back into the dark side. Netflix has unleashed the our first look at Sabrina season 3 with a new trailer, and from the looks of it, our beloved Sabs is up to even more chilling mischief. Let's dive into the gates of Hell with this trailer.

Wait, is Nick Scratch dead?!

OK, we're freaking out. Is this Nick Scratch? Why is he lying on the ground looking like a body from SVU? Is he dead? Is he just taking a nice long nap? Whatever it is, Sabrina's power is sure to resurrect our favorite Satanic boyfriend.

First things first ...

... the teaser to the trailer. Netflix, if you were trying to get us amped, it worked! In this quick sneak peek, we're introduced to a very beautiful new blond guy (shirtless, of course), a queen (maybe Sabrina? or Lilith?) decked out in incredible skeleton royal regalia, and naturally, a living dead corpse.

There's also a ton of new stills.

OK, now our cauldrons are officially bubbling in anticipation. Who is this beautiful blond male?! Are Sabrina and her pals busy tailgating? And yes, it looks like Sabrina really does become a cheerleader. We're guessing she's the only one on the squad that worships the Dark Lord.


"You know what must be done, Sabrina," says an eerie voice. "Claim the throne. Save precious Greendale and your boyfriend." Welp, looks like Sabrina has her work cut out for her. There's also a garden scene giving us serious Midsommar vibes, complete with flower crowns (and screaming), and Prudence wielding two swords like a witchy pro. This entire trailer is perfect. Everything is great, omg, we cannot wait.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina returns to Netflix on January 24. Cancel your plans and cozy up with spells and pentacles galore.