"Stranger Things" season three Millie Bobby Brown
photo: Netflix

The sci-fi thriller series Stranger Things is returning on the Fourth of July and Nike is going to make sure fans celebrate in style!

The creators of the show, the Duffer Brothers, have revealed that this season will be the darkest and scariest yet. But what keeps fans hooked is the genuine friendships between the rock star cast of preteens. In season three, Mike and Eleven are set to continue their summer romance, and a powerful friendship between two girls — Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown) and Max (played by Sadie Sink) — will take the front seat. Clearly, there's a lot to look forward to in this new season.

In anticipation of the third season, Nike has joined forces with the Netflix show to create a new Hawkins-themed line that includes T-shirts, hoodies, and super-cool retro sneakers. This comes after H&M created its pool-themed merchandise inspired by the popular series. 

Not only will the sneaker brand drop retro footwear, but there's also apparel based on the town's Hawkins High School.

Nike x Hawkins apparel
photo: Nike

With a simple design, Nike made a Hawkins High School sweatshirt, T-shirt, and hat. The designs feature the high school colors, which are green, white, and orange. The team's tiger mascot and a school logo are also featured on most of the merch. 

Nike has crafted a Stranger Things–themed story to go along with the drop of their new collaboration. 

The story begins with shipments never making it to their final destination after passing through Hawkins during the era of monsters and otherworldly dimensions popping up in the town. 

"In the summer of 1985... a few of the shipments never made it to their destination. These vehicles all had one thing in common…they were last seen on surveillance footage passing through Hawkins, Indiana. Nike, concerned and confused, never mentioned these missing shipments to anyone for fear that something supernatural was at play."

Check out some of the Nike x Stranger Things collection ahead.

Nike x Stranger Things Blazer Mid, The OG Collection ($120, Nike

Nike blue high top sneaker
photo: Nike

Available on July 1, these bright blue high top sneakers are perfectly nostalgic. From their OG Collection, these shoes have been updated to fit the Stranger Things theme. On the back of each shoe are the numbers "19" and "85" to symbolize the year that season three is set in.

Nike x Stranger Things Air Tailwind 79, The OG Collection ($120, Nike)

Nike red, white, and blue shoe
photo: Nike

The season is dropping on Independence Day, so it only makes sense that some of the gear features patriotic colors. These off-white, red, and blue sneakers also have "1985" printed on the back of each shoe. 

Nike continues its Stranger Things story with this description: "34 years later, signs of the missing shipments are popping up, piece by piece, and it’s clear that there is something deeper, darker, and more evil brewing."

Nike x Stranger Things Cortez, The OG Collection ($120, Nike)

Red running shoe Nike
photo: Nike

These bright red hard-covered tennis kicks are also part of the nostalgic OG Collection. The shoes also come with specialty pins and original-inspired Nike packaging. The sale for these begins at 10 a.m. on July 1. You'll definitely be ready to make a statement wearing these sneakers.

Nike x Stranger Things Air Tailwind 79, Hawkins High ($120, Nike)

Nike x Hawkins collection, school colors
photo: Nike

Keeping up with the high school-themed story, all of the products were created with Hawkins High in mind. These sneakers feature the school colors and a tiger patch on the heel, symbolizing the Hawkins mascot. 

"Introduced alongside matching apparel, these classic Nike silhouettes were originally intended for the Hawkins High Athletic Dept and feature green and orange color combos with Hawkins High logos." 

Nike x Stranger Things Blazer Mid, Hawkins High ($120, Nike)

Nike x Hawkins school colors high top
photo: Nike

These retro styles are a part of Nike's iconic look from the '80s. The Hawkins High footwear drops at 10 a.m. on June 27, so fans can rock the Stranger Things style a week ahead of season three. The Hawkins High collection features, "Property of Hawkins HS Athletic Dept" on the inside of the shoe's tongue.  

Nike x Stranger Things Cortez, Hawkins High ($120, Nike)

Nike x Hawkins sneaker
photo: Nike

Staying on brand, these shoes feature the high school's colors and the matching tiger logo. The all-white look is very retro and looks like it time traveled from 1985. Prospective buyers can be notified through Nike's website, so as not to miss out on the special collection.

Nike has taken over Hawkins. 

The sneaker brand's Twitter account shared this image of a teenager riding his bike (classic Stranger Things) and coming across a tipped-over shipping van. The story is that a lost shipment of shoes heading toward Hawkins got lost in 1985 when monsters were taking over the Indiana town. 

Fans will have to wait to see if any of these kicks will make it onto the feet of characters in the show. Until then, set a notification for the sneaker's drop date for the Hawkins High Collection, June 27, and July 1 for the OG Collection. 

Grab 'em before the monsters do... again!