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The time Kris built a chicken coop in her backyard.

In the Season 2 episode "Chicken Run," Kris Jenner decides to keep a chicken coop in attempt to get her family to eat healthier. Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney are not excited about the trip to the barn to pick out chickens, but they go anyway because this was before any of them had busy schedules. We all know Kris loves Costco, but can you imagine 2016 Kris decked out Balmain taking care of a chicken coop? LOOOOOL.


The time Bruce made 11-year-old Kylie wipe off all her makeup before going to school.

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"I feel like the appropriate age to start wearing makeup is my age — middle school," a precocious Kylie Jenner says in a confessional circa Season 3. This would never happen in 2016, since Kylie Jenner has made makeup her business, and so has Caitlyn Jenner. So. 

Watch the whole episode here


The episode when Rob dropped out of college to become a model and Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe take self-defense classes after their store is "vandalized."

First off, Rob didn't end up becoming a model. Would he ever model now? Maybe after Blac Chyna is done training him, but the baby they are having together might have to take priority these days. Second, the Kardashians definitely don't need self-defense classes these days — they bankroll bodyguards for their safety instead. 


The time Kim got Kris a baby chimp as a pet.

The Kardashians got flack from the public about this Season 3 episode because it aired immediately following the death of a Connecticut woman who was mauled by a full-grown chimpanzee. So timing wasn't on their side with this one, but also... what the heck? Another thing Kris Jenner would not be able to do while wearing Balmain — change a baby chimp's diaper.


And, of course, the worst Scott Disick moment of all.

Ah, who can forget the moment in Season 4 at Kim's birthday when a drunken Scott Disick shoved a $100 bill into a waiter's mouth after Kris told the waiter to stop serving Disick alcohol, turning him into a Kardashian pariah until he agreed to go to rehab for his alcohol dependency?

We'd like to think this wouldn't happen now since 1) Disick is trying to be sober and is also less douchey these days, and 2) Kim hasn't celebrated her birthday at a Vegas nightclub in two years.


Oh, how far they've come! Except, not really, when you think about it.

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