The road to success isn't always easy — ask any huge powerhouse in a variety of industries, and they'll tell you just that. And while everything that happens in this social media age makes life seem like a microwave effect, the true lessons are learned in the journey and not at the destination. Many people like to share only their successes, but it's the stories of big failures that resonate the most with others. 

So when we look at people like Oprah and learn what their journey to success looked like, hearing about their obstacles can ensure us that we're in fact on the right track. But the broadcasting industry can be a tough place, as is television in general, especially for women; there's so much pressure to wear your hair a certain way and to be a certain size. And though strides have been made in the right direction, and more diverse groups of women are gracing our television screens, there's still a lot more work to be done. 

If anyone knows about that, it's Winfrey. As not only a black woman, but also a plus-size black woman, her road to success hasn't been easy, nor has she always been accepted. Well, she's getting real about the obstacles she's faced and giving some serious inspiration to never give up, no matter how hard things may get or who stands in your way.