photo: Starz/Hot Topic/Torrid

If you are a heterosexual woman who watches "Outlander," then the following two statements are undoubtedly true: 1) you want a Jamie Fraser of your own with every fiber of your being and 2) you covet Claire Fraser's Highlands wardrobe, and are pretty pissed you don't have a Mrs. Fitzgibbons or a Jenny Murray to hook you up with the threads. 

But as of Tuesday, October 11, you don't need an 18th century Scottish lass to dress you up like Claire ... or to look like the tall, rail-thin Caitriona Balfe to rock the tartan. Hot Topic and Torrid have officially teamed up to bring Claire's Jacobite-era wardrobe to women of all sizes in 2016 — dresses and coats go up to a size 28 — and our body positive, Scotland-loving hearts are officially aflutter. (H/T Nerdist)

Claire's ACTUAL riding coat can be yours for under $90.

photo: Starz/Hot Topic/Torrid

The plus-size version is currently on sale for $89.17, while we slightly wee-er lasses can nab it for $81.67.

Meanwhile, her peplum green dress thing can be yours for under $70.

photo: Starz/Hot Topic/Torrid

The plus-size ruffled peplum jacket is on sale for $66.67 online only. Claire-sized humans get a steal at $59.17.

This tartan dress is undoubtedly more modern than what Claire wears on the show.

photo: Starz/Hot Topic/Torrid

... But we're fine with that. The plus-size dress is $51.67, the standard $44.17.

And so is this cape, but it's still sexy as hell — and on sale for $63.67.

photo: Starz/Hot Topic/Torrid

Plus-size ladies, winter is coming. (Sorry, wrong show.) You're going to need this badass coat to keep you as warm and Claire and Jamie making love by the fire. (Ladies up to 3XL — yours is right here for $56.17.)

More badass "Outlander" looks can be found on Nerdist's site, as well as on Hot Topic's.

photo: Starz

Check out Nerdist for some looks that aren't even for sale yet, and Hot Topic for the looks that are — cause they'll probably sell out way before we finally found out how Jamie survived the Battle of Culloden.