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Yet, Black women haven't benefitted as much from Title IX, which is why "Pitch's" choice of a protagonist resonates so much. White women have been the biggest beneficiaries of Title IX, according to The New York Times. This is because the feminist movement, which is what Title IX arose from, tended to see gender as the sole barrier to topple.

"That's right out of the feminist movement," Dionne L. Koller, a law professor at the University of Maryland, told The New York Times. "To some extent, the sports piece of the feminist equality movement stayed stuck in a 1970s version of the equality axis of oppression, especially experienced by women and girls of color. In the work force, we’ve moved on; in our equality thinking, we’ve moved on. But in the sports construct, we've stayed at the 1970s thinking that it's one way, it's gender inequality, and that's it."

Is "Pitch" considering difference as intersectional, rather than singular? If it's based on real-life baseball phenom Mo'ne Davis, it definitely should contend with both racism and sexism.

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Mo'ne Davis broke the gender and racial barrier in Little League in 2014, when she pitched two shutdown games during their World Series. Her excellence at the sport has made Fogelman believe that we're closer than ever to having a woman in Major League Baseball.

"I think this is going to happen in modern lifetime," he said during TCA. "The human anatomy makes it a challenge. It's addressed in the pilot. I think the right young woman is going to come along."

Last week, The New York Times caught ire for questioning how "Pitch" will “cater to the hard-core baseball fan expecting authenticity while still appealing to women.” Fox answered this tone deaf question in 48 minutes of television brilliance that showcases why, in a time of Serena Williams and Davis, this show can and will tell a quintessential story all sports lovers can grow to love.

As Baker's father said, "We ain't done nothing yet," but "Pitch" is well on its way to being one of the season's best shows. And it's all done on the shoulders of a Black woman.

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