While the past couple of years have seen marginally more diversity on both the small and big screen, it's still slow progress. Plus-size men are seemingly a TV and movie mainstay, while plus-size women are still far and few between. When they ARE cast, however, they're usually typecast as a sidekick, which isn't exactly the representation people want to see.

One Twitter user perfectly encapsulated all the stereotypes plus-size female characters fall into on TV, and it's pretty damning.

@NerdAboutTown, aka Stephanie Yeboah, listed off the stereotypes in a Twitter thread.

According to Yeboah, all plus-size characters on TV are either "deeply unhappy about how [they] look and unhappy in love," a sidekick, an abusive and lazy mother, or an over-the-top airport security worker.

Yeboah also brought up that plus-size characters are usually brought on to be the comedic relief and are often just thin people in a fatsuit.

Weight is always brought up as comedy.

It's usually a punchline.

It gets even worse if you're a plus-size Black woman.


She also called out "This is Us."

Twitter agreed with Yeboah's scathing sentiment.

Some disagreed with her point about "This is Us," but others do see the flaws in Chrissy Metz's character.

This is particularly true for plus-size female characters on TV, not so much the male ones.

Some came forward with characters who broke the tropes, like Melissa McCarthy's Sookie from "Gilmore Girls."

Actresses are tired of it, too.

In short, we have a lot of work to do.

Chrissy Metz This is Us
photo: NBC

With female plus-size characters being so rare on TV, it's disheartening to see the ones who ARE in shows and movies fall into stereotypes and represent a shadow of what their straight-size co-stars portray.

We can do better. And we need to start as soon as possible.

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