Disney Plus is banking on nostalgic fans who crave reboots and original movies and series. Now with the rumors of new The Proud Family episodes, a whole new horde of people just considered a subscription. 

Another selling point of the new streaming service is a live-action remake of Lady and the Tramp with real dogs, as opposed to the latest CGI-animated animals that fans saw in The Lion King.

The early '00s animated series was iconic and progressive and had a diverse fanbase. After an actor from the original shared new episodes are on their way, fans, unsurprisingly, freaked out. 

Oscar Proud, voiced by Tommy Davidson, said so, so it must be true. 

In an interview, Davidson revealed a secret about a reboot series. The Proud Family would return with new episodes, but it's unclear if Davidson is returning as the father figure, or if any of the cast would make an appearance. The news hasn't been announced by Disney yet, so it looks like the actor may have shared too much in this interview. 

"Proud Family's coming back," Davidson said. "It's on one of Disney's streaming... I mean they told me not to tell anybody, but... new episodes, yeah, 'Oscar Proud! Penny! Where you at?'"

Fans immediately expressed excitement, but also fear that the fan-favorite show would be changed up too much. 

"With The Proud Family returning to Disney+ and apparently being a new season, not a reboot. I only have one request... KEEP THAT THEME SONG EXACTLY HOW IT IS," one fan exclaimed on Twitter. Destiny's Child, plus Solange Knowles, sang the catchy tune, and unless they're reuniting for an updated version, it needs to stay exactly the same. 

The cast was so beloved, it'd be a shame to switch it up. 

Another loyal fan wrote to Twitter, "I swear if the proud family reboot doesn’t have the same cast I don’t want it." The mostly all-black cast was progressive for the early '00s Disney Channel, and featured some iconic voice actors like Davidson, Kyla Pratt, Paula Jai Parker, and big-name guest stars like Alicia Keys. The original was such a favorite series that crafting new episodes is a risky move, but if done well, it could be extremely successful. 

Fans are fully invested in Kyla Pratt coming back as Penny Proud.

Pratt has kept up a steady career in the entertainment industry, but nothing has been as widely received as her work as a former Disney star. The 32-year-old now has two daughters and is rumored to be married to her longtime boyfriend Danny "KP" Kirkpatrick, otherwise known as the tattoo artist Compton on Black Ink Crew. Fans will always remember Pratt from her iconic Disney Channel role, and hopefully she'll be involved with the new episodes in some way if the reboot comes to be. 

Some fans of the show are already placing their bids to star in the series. 

Famous for his hilarious YouTube reactions, Kalen Allen had his own thoughts about who should star in the reboot. "My only stipulation about this Proud Family reboot is they better not change the theme song and can I be Michael???" Allen tweeted. The fashion-forward middle schooler, originally voiced by Phil LaMarr, was a part of Penny Proud's crew.

Who could forget the iconic The Proud Family Disney Channel original movie?

One fan of the show wrote, "New episodes of the Proud Family are gonna be on Disney+ #ProudFamily," and celebrated with a clip from the series' spin-off movie. If anything, the upcoming streaming service should offer up every iconic DCOM and the original series as opposed to rebooting and creating new episodes. Either way, the nostalgic content has attracted the attention of fans across varying age ranges. 

Disney+ is banking on the nostalgia aspect of its streaming platform, and it's working. 

"Disney+ is working hard to secure my coin...NEW episodes of The Proud Family? Y’all know I love me some @KylaPratt," one fan tweeted. New episodes of an iconic series from millennial's childhood is too hard to resist. The streaming service is being smart and continuing the nostalgic trend of live-action remakes and reboots of beloved content.