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Since its Broadway debut in 1996, it's safe to say "Rent" has garnered widespread popularity, becoming somewhat of a cultural phenomenon. Loosely based on the opera "La Boheme," the late Jonathan Larson's Tony- and Pulitzer-winning musical follows a group of impoverished young New York City artists during the HIV/AIDS crisis in 1989. And now, once again, the mega-hit is being revitalized with a live network TV production in January 2019.

If that's not exciting enough, Fox's "Rent: Live!" just announced its all-star cast today! Here's who will be living 'La Vie Bohème' live on January 27, 2019.

Jordan Fisher ("Hamilton" and the 2017 winner of "Dancing with the Stars") will play Mark Cohen, the main narrator of the show. Mark is an aspiring filmmaker trying to make a documentary about his friends' lives in NYC.

Fisher explained in a heartfelt tweet that it's always been his dream to "be the first Mark Cohen of color." And now it's happening!

Vanessa Hudgens ("Grease: Live," "High School Musical") will play Maureen Johnson, a performance artist and Mark's ex-girlfriend, who is now the on-again, off-again girlfriend of Joanne Jefferson.

Recording artist Tinashe will play Mimi Marquez, an HIV-positive dancer who struggles with addiction and needs help lighting her candle from her neighbor, Roger Davis. Needless to say, sparks fly.

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She seems ecstatic about her new role, as are her fans.

Speaking of Roger, a struggling HIV-positive musician who is Mark's roomie, he will be played by Brennin Hunt ("Nashville"). Roger is mourning the suicide of his former girlfriend and contemplating the meaning of life when he meets Mimi.

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Kiersey Clemons ("Hearts Beat Loud," "Dope") will be doing the Tango: Maureen as Joanne Jefferson, an Ivy League–educated lawyer.

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Clemons said on Instagram that her "gay black heart is no longer inside of my body." So, yeah, she's pumped.

Emmy nominee and Tony Award winner Brandon Victor Dixon ("Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert") will take on the role of Tom Collins, a friend of Mark and Roger's who returns to NYC after being expelled as an MIT professor. Upon his return, he meets and falls in love with Angel Dumont Schunard.

Angel, a young drag queen and street drummer, whose free spirit and fun-loving personality inspires the group and keeps them whole, will be played by Valentina ("RuPaul's Drag Race").

R&B and pop star Mario will take on the role of Benjamin Coffin III, Mark and Roger's former roommate. He's basically the Benedict Arnold of the group, as he married wealthy and now wants to gentrify the building he once lived in. Is he the villain or the hero? Eh, it's up to you to decide.

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And last, but definitely not least, Keala Settle ("The Greatest Showman") will perform the iconic solo from "Season of Love" and join the ensemble in the live show.

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Fans of "Rent" are mostly ecstatic about the cast and can't wait until the live performance.

But Twitter, of course, can't enjoy anything, so there's a lot of people not here for some of the casting choices.

But let's remain optimistic, you guys. Even if it doesn't live up to the original Broadway cast (I mean, nobody could replace Idina Menzel), it's bound to have some incredible performances, don't you think?