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Riverdale season four is just around the corner, and its Comic-Con panel this weekend revealed so much about what fans can expect. And there's about to be a lot going on. 

With everything from new business ventures to musical moments, the high schoolers' senior year will be eventful to say the least. Fans already have tissues prepared for the emotional first episode, a standalone tribute to the late Luke Perry (Fred Andrews). At the convention it was revealed that Perry's former Beverly Hills, 90210 costar Shannen Doherty will make an appearance, which will honor one of his wishes that she receive a guest spot on the show. 

There's still a lot to wrap up from season three, but after these Comic-Con reveals, it's clear that season four has so many more unexpected moments.  

The actors are apparently kept as much in the dark as fans are about the events of the upcoming season.

Five of the stars of the show — Lilli Reinhart, Cole Sprouse, Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch, and KJ Apa — attended the convention and answered interview questions about the upcoming season. The cast revealed that they know very little about what's going to happen, as they have filmed only the season's first episode, which has been dedicated to Luke Perry. They had few answers about what happens to Jughead in that Spring Break flash-forward from the season three finale.

But we do know now that there will finally be a Halloween episode this year.

Even though it would've been fitting for the spooky series to have a Halloween-themed episode in any of the past three seasons, the creators have never produced one dedicated to the holiday. The fourth episode of the season airs the night before Halloween, and fans can expect plenty of costumes and maybe even a Halloween house party. The cast said the characters' focus on senior year means fewer high school parties will occur. 

The Riverdale Writers Room Twitter account shared a thread of tweets with some spoilers about the fourth season. "Ep 404 will be a Halloween episode!" the tweet read. 

Jughead is reportedly leaving Riverdale High. 

Betty and Jughead are about to embark on a somewhat long-distance relationship journey, because Jughead will leave Riverdale to attend Prep School on a writing scholarship. Sprouse and Reinhart shared that the distance will cause some stress but will eventually make them stronger in the end. Jughead will come back to Riverdale on the weekends to see his friends and girlfriend, who is extremely supportive of his academic endeavors. 

"Jughead will be attending Prep School this season. Watch out Bulldogs, the Stonewall Stags are comin’ for ya! #Riverdale #SDCC," the writers tweeted. 

Veronica Lodge is already a businesswoman without a high school diploma, and Cheryl will join in in season four.

The Riverdale writers teased, "Veronica and Cheryl will become business partners! So excited for this iconic duo to get into some 'sticky trouble.'" Whether that means Cheryl gets involved with La Bonne Nuit, or the two embark on something entirely new is still up in the air. Of course, Cheryl has her own issues dealing with grief and hiding a dead body in her basement. Yikes. 

Cheryl's secrets cause some tension between she and her and girlfriend Toni, but the two seem to think their characters have a solid relationship. Toni will also receive a deeper backstory, so fans can finally understand where she comes from this season.

Apa and Mendes agree that "Varchie" will be going strong, finally.  

The Core Four will form a band, so expect another musical episode soon. 

In multiple interviews, the actors of the show confirmed that musical episodes will occur in season four even though they haven't been explicitly told that yet. Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is notorious for including musical episodes, like the Carrie and Heathers episodes. Fans and stars of the show already know that they should expect at least one musical group to emerge — Betty, Jughead, Veronica, and Archie create "The Archies." 

"OMG! The Core Four are starting a band called 'The Archies!!' Get ready for a battle of the bands episode! #Riverdale #SDCC," read another tweet from the writers. 

There's also a lot more shirtless KJ Apa on the way. 

In more interviews, the cast revealed that fans can expect plenty of shirtless Archie in season four. In the aforementioned interview with MTV, the group also went into alarming detail as to how Apa covers his IRL tattoos and adds his character's scars for more exposed scenes. 

The writers' Twitter account shared a clip of a shirtless Archie running while showing off his toned physique, "Running into the weekend like... #abs Reply with #Riverdale gifs of what your weekend looks like." 

One of the most important components to season four is that the high schoolers are finally going to have an "average" high school experience. 

The Hollywood News Source Twitter account shared a quote from Aguirre-Sacasa at the convention, "'This year the kids are seniors and we’ll go deeper into the high school world - prom, homecoming game, etc.' - @WriterRAS #Riverdale #SDCC." 

The creators and actors in the series have teased multiple times that season four will revolve around stereotypical senior year moments. While I'm sure they'll be dealing with criminals and villains plus plenty of drama come Spring Break, it's also important to showcase that they're still supposed to be high schoolers among it all. They're just students who catch criminals, own businesses, and live without parents. Casual.