Everyone loves a good reimagining of the Disney princesses. Those OG damsels in distress just don't seem to cut it anymore. But what happens when you merge the princesses with another major franchise like "Riverdale"? Magic — that's what.

19-year-old Filipino artist André Manguba took the two concepts and mashed them together to create these incredible portraits of "Riverdale" actors as iconic Disney characters.

His favorite of the sketches is the one of Cheryl Blossom as Ariel, and Toni Topaz as Moana. And honestly: same.

"To be honest, this took me the longest to conceptualize because I wanted the best choice of Disney characters to portray them," Manguba shared with Teen Vogue. "I thought Ariel and Moana would fit them perfectly because of the fan theories telling how they could have met in the same universe. Not to mention the perfectly matching hair color of Cheryl and Ariel."

photo: Disney

For Archie and Veronica, the choice was a bit easier. "Varchie reminded me of Hercules and Megara’s relationship. Archie matched Hercules’ heroic traits and just like Megara, Veronica had a sultry and dark side to her too," he said.

And honestly, is that not the perfect choice?

photo: Disney

The same goes for Betty and Jughead's characters. "[Bughead] gave me the same vibes as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider," he added. "Lili’s strong-willed personality and femininity also matched Rapunzel’s.

Just picture this as Betty and Jug in that season 3 premiere episode.

photo: Disney

Another perfect reimagining is F.P. as the Beast and Alice and Belle. Two different worlds colliding, you guys! FALICE LIVES.

I think we've found their Halloween costumes!

photo: Disney

Even Mädchen Amick herself loved his drawings, reposting them on her Twitter account.

In fact, everyone is hella impressed with Manguba's work, but he's incredibly gracious and humble.

Oh, and the "Riverdale" and Disney crossover isn't the only franchise to get the Manguba treatment. He's also drawn Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinksy as Jasmine and Aladdin!

You can follow his artistic journey on Instagram or Facebook, and get his behind-the-scenes thoughts and feelings over on Twitter. Personally, I can't wait to see what he does next.