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Riverdale fans, get ready for more high school drama, murder, bear attacks, juvenile-prison fight clubs, teens runnings bars, random hotel brothels, and other shenanigans! The CW has officially greenlit the beloved show for a fourth season.

Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa tweeted about the news with a heartfelt sentiment, while the cast expressed their gratitude and excitement to do it all again. Season three has been absolutely bonkers so far, so we can't wait to see what this dramatic town gets itself into next.

Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa announced Riverdale season four via Twitter with a sweet sentiment. 

"3 years ago, this show only existed as a script and this image. Now, there’s a superstar group of actors playing these iconic roles. And a spectacular crew that brings our small, murderous town to life. Thrilled 2 be able to continue telling stories for Season 4," he wrote to followers and fans.

The cast followed his lead, posting adorable photos on social media to celebrate another season.


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KJ Apa, aka Archie Andrews himself, posted a shot of the "core four" to Instagram, with the caption, "Love you all and pumped to do it again. Congrats to all on Season 4." 

Camila Mendes, aka Ms. Veronica Lodge, shared a shot of herself giggling with costar Lili Reinhart. "HOW WE FEEL ABOUT SEASON 4," she wrote.

Fans, on the other hand, celebrated by requesting exactly what they'd like to see in season four.

"Let's hope we'll get more of Choni," one Twitter user wrote. This seemed to be a popular request among fans because, let's face it, they're a perfect couple.

Some fans are dying to see more romantic moments from Betty and Jughead, including me.

"Please give us more romantic Bughead moments like in season one!" one fan pled on Twitter. Choni and Bughead are definitely the most-loved couples on Riverdale.

Others would like to see more of the rest of the gang, not just the core four (Archie, Betty, Jughead, Veronica).

"Please give more screen time to other characters besides the core four in season 4! We want more Falice and Choni, and more Kevin and Josie!" one fan requested.

It seems that people are dying for more season one–like moments. And honestly, we could all use some tamer plot lines after the chaos of season three.

From the Gargoyle King to the attempted murder of Hiram Lodge, let's reflect on some of the craziest moments we've seen thus far in season three, shall we?

When season three began, we saw Polly's twins, Juniper and Dagwood, being held over a fire pit. It seemed like a weird sacrifice of some sort. But then we never saw them again.

riverdale twin babies sacrifice
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The Farm is bizarre, we know that. But what the heck happened to these children? Are they OK? Can someone please just let us know. Thank you very much.

All the girls in Riverdale suffered random seizures and there was a mass seizure in the halls of Riverdale High. Then, they're not spoken about for a while.

riverdale seizures
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Later, we find out that Claudius Blossom caused all the seizures by dumping Fizzle Rock runoff into the river. Honestly, I still don't get it, but it is what it is.

Archie had a moment straight out of The Revenant and almost died after getting attacked by a bear. He survived, somehow, but it ~changed~ him.

riverdale archie bear attack
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Oh, and this all happened while he was on the run from Hiram. He was staying in a cabin near the Canadian border and had lots of weird hallucinations during his near-death experience that caused him to finally come back to Riverdale.

Riverdale now has a brothel. Don't act surprised.

riverdale brothel
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It's called the Maple Club, it's run by Penelope Blossom, and it specializes in domination. Betty and Jughead accidentally discover it while searching for Hiram's mistress.

The Gargoyle King, aka the main villain of season three so far, ended up being Tall Boy.

riverdale the gargoyle king
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After the drawn-out mystery of the Black Hood in season two, Tall Boy's reveal was hardly exciting. Sorry. 

Oh, and after a literal international manhunt for Archie, Hiram Lodge decides to call a truce with the redheaded hero because he saved his life.

riverdale archie and hiram
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After trying to murder him multiple times, it seems pretty crazy that Hiram would just up and forgive him, but this is Riverdale and stranger things have happened.

This is just a short list of all the ridiculous things that have happened in Riverdale season three.

After all this chaos, a more relaxed season four would be nice. Then again, it wouldn't be Riverdale if it wasn't straight-up bonkers.

There's no word yet on when season four will air, but there's still half of a season to go! Who knows who will survive until then.

photo: The CW

Watch the absurdity unfold on Riverdale on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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