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Sound the alarms! Netflix released all nine episodes of season two of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and, well, we have quite a lot to process. If you haven't had a chance to watch any of the new episodes just yet, never fear — we won't spoil anything too major.

Those familiar with the show shouldn't be surprised to learn that the first episode in the new season of CAOS dropped a pretty significant Easter egg tied to none other than Riverdale. After all, both shows take place in the Archie Comics universe, and they're both executive-produced by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. 

While the world is waiting for confirmation from Aguirre-Sacasa that an official crossover event will indeed happen one day, in the meantime, we can all enjoy the little moments when the two shows collide.

Season two of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has officially arrived!

All nine episodes of the hit Netflix show — which is based on the Archie Comics characters who inspired Sabrina the Teenage Witch back in the late 1990s and early 2000s — are available to stream RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND. In other words, it's time to drop whatever your plans were for the rest of the day/weekend, and get watching!

Need a quick refresher before you dive into season two?

We got you. When we last left Greendale, half-witch/half-mortal Sabrina Spellman had just signed the book of the Dark Lord and completely embraced her identity as a witch. She was spending less time with her BFFs and, to make matters worse, her boyfriend Harvey Kinkle broke up with her when he learned about her powers. 

Naturally, a love triangle began to form.

It all started when Sabrina developed a ~connection~ with Nick Scratch, aka a warlock that she met at the Academy of Unseen Arts. When he admitted that he may have some romantic feelings for Sabrina, she reminded him that she was dating Harvey at the time. But now that she and Harvey have broken up, anything is possible, right?!

Could it be that Harvey is scared of Sabrina?

Kiernan Shipka, who portrays Sabrina, seems to think so. "It's interesting because I think that Sabrina and Nick are so perfect for each other in the second season," Shipka explained in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. "Especially because I think Harvey is — as much as I love him and adore him — he's scared of Sabrina in a lot of ways."

But anyway, back to season two.

In the first episode, Sabrina has to deal with three demons who refuse to leave her alone. She's convinced that someone sent the demons to make her life miserable, but ultimately she and Nick learn that they actually decided to be a nuisance all on their own. They explain that Sabrina needs to die because otherwise, she'll cause chaos. I mean, typical demon behavior, amirite?

Oh, and that's not all...

The demons in question also said something that was highly interesting for all the CAOS and Riverdale fans out there. Now remember: Both shows take place in the Archie Comics universe and are executive-produced by the same guy. SO, when the demons say, "The half-witch must not ascend," our ears instantly perked up.

What's so interesting about the "ascend" word?

For starters, it's just a cool-sounding word. But, more important, it also happens to be a word that we've heard a lot over on Riverdale

As fans of the CW show know, in the game Gryphons and Gargoyles, you win by ascending and joining the Gargoyle King in his mystical kingdom. The downside, of course, is that a bunch of people have to die along the way. Bummer, right?

We've seen Riverdale Easter eggs sprinkled throughout CAOS before.

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Who can forget when Ben Button — yes the same guy who threw himself out of a hospital window in season three of Riverdale after playing Gryphons and Gargoyles —showed up as the pizza boy in season one of CAOS. Unfortunately, Ben didn't make it very long before getting, um, consumed by Ms. Wardwell.

So does this mean a CAOS-Riverdale crossover episode is officially in the works?

When Aguirre-Sacasa spoke with The Wrap back in December, he said that he’s got surprises in store. 

“There's one thing I'm trying to figure out that's a nice Easter egg that I'm trying to get permission to do—but it's too soon to talk about yet," he said. "I think once [season two] is behind us, I think we'll be able to really investigate and have the conversations about [a crossover]. That's my hope at least."

Let's give the people what they want!

Considering how wildly popular both CAOS and Riverdale are, it's probably only a matter of time before the Crossover Event of the Century goes down. Until then, we suggest spending the next few days getting caught up on all things Sabrina. Happy marathon watching!