In case you missed it, sci-fi show "Doctor Who" announced on Monday that its new Time Lord will be a Time Lady for the first time in more than 50 years since the show premiered.

Many people were thrilled to hear that Jodie Whittaker will be playing the new Doctor, but a bunch of (largely male) crybabies were deeply unhappy with the news.

The actor playing Doctor Who changes every few years as the character changes to keep up with the time-traveling alien storyline of the show; no one ever said that it had to be a man every time.

But Samantha Bee, host of "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee," knows that women ruin EVERYTHING...

...because obviously that's been our secret plan all along.

In her trademark sarcastic brand of humor, Bee posted a note on Facebook congratulating the new Doctor, but noting that we as women aren't even close to being finished.

She included a handwritten list of things that women are still planning on ruining with their "fem-agenda."

"Congratulations on Doctor Who, ladies, but stay vigilant," she told her followers. "We've got a lot more work to do."

The list had already crossed off "Ghostbusters," "Star Wars," superheroes, and "Doctor Who." It also included an increasingly ridiculous number of other things like "Lion Queen," "Female James Bond," "Female Barney," "all trucks have vaginas," and "female chromosomes?!??!!"

I mean, God forbid we should have a Lion *Queen,* right!?

samantha bee
photo: Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

Bee's note points out the obvious — that not only is it ridiculous to think that putting women in traditionally male roles (whether that's onscreen or in real life) is ruining the world, but it's ridiculous to think that women are out to "ruin" the world in the first place.

But just in case these trolls CAN'T get over the new lady Doctor Who... well, there's a new hotline here to help them cope, just in case.