Sean Spicer dance "Dancing With The Stars"
photo: ABC

No, you're not in some kind of alternate reality. Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer really did perform the salsa wearing a neon green puffy pirate shirt on Dancing With the Stars.

As hilarious as the number was, and even Spicer said he's OK with laughing at himself, some people didn't think it's funny to allow someone with a suspect history to be on a show meant for entertainment. Spicer resigned from his White House position after a six-month tenure filled with controversy and speculation, specifically regarding the investigation on Russian interference with the Trump campaign.   

Regardless, the internet didn't hold back from making fun of the politician after his cringeworthy performance. Plus, some hilarious and some poignant memes came out of it. I guess that's one win?

Watch the video if you're not afraid of the nightmares that are sure to follow. 

Spicer and his partner, Lindsay Arnold, danced the salsa to "Spice Up Your Life" by the Spice Girls. Spicer and Arnold wore lime green colors to make a bold statement about his involvement in the show. Their final score was one of the lowest of the night, a 12 out of 30. 

Twitter didn't hold back, and slammed the former Trump staffer with memes. 

"This is what life is now," one person wrote, and it's true it really doesn't feel real. Many are criticizing ABC for allowing Spicer to compete on the show, as it depoliticizes him and negates the lies that he spread while working for the White House. Odds are he won't last too long after this widely criticized first appearance. 

Some of the political jokes were too much to handle. 

Someone edited Trump's sparse crowd during his inauguration onto Spicer's green screen-esque shirt, and it had people cackling. "I GREENSCREENED Sean Spicer's DWTS shirt and put Trump's sad inauguration photo behind it," Jesse McLaren wrote. One person replied, "Was waiting to see what you came up with. Did not disappoint." 

I don't think Spicer has had this much bad press since his White House tenure. 

It wasn't just tweets that barraged the contestant; countless media outlets also slammed and criticized Spicer for going on the show. He knew what he was getting into, and said that he could handle the backlash. Someone on Twitter shared just a few of the harsh headlines and wrote, "The headlines about Sean Spicer on Dancing With the Stars are life giving."

Spicer was heavily criticized for being on the show, because ultimately it shouldn't be a joke. 

The lies Spicer spread while he was press secretary shouldn't be taken lightly, and by having him on Dancing With the Stars, it diminishes the bigger issues at hand. CNN political commentator Brian Stelter had a few choice words for Spicer and his involvement with the show. "I've got to give him credit for the confidence. Now it's that same kind of confidence that lets him go out there and lie to the public."