Sophie Turner was 12 years old when she auditioned to play Sansa Stark on "Game of Thrones."

Now 21, the English actress has literally grown up onscreen. For example, in a recent interview with the Sunday Times, Turner admitted she learned about oral sex from a "GoT" script. She also addressed the backlash to her controversial rape scene with costar Iwan Rheon, who played super villain Ramsay Bolton. 

She said her initial reaction to the controversial scene's reception was naive; now she has a deeper understanding of its impact, as well as a response for the critics. 

When the brutal rape scene aired in season five, critics blasted "Game of Thrones" for its unnecessarily graphic depiction.

Sophie Turner Sansa rape scene
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Entertainment publications condemned the show with essay after essay. Outraged fans called for mass boycotts. 

Faced with the backlash, Turner's initial response was one of confusion and regret.

Sophie Turner Sansa rape scene the UK Sunday Tumes
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“Sexual assault wasn’t something that had affected me or anybody I knew, so I was pretty blasé about the whole thing,” she told the Sunday Times. “Naively so. And then I shot the scene, and in the aftermath there was this huge uproar that we would depict something like that on television. My first response was like, maybe we shouldn’t have put that on screen at all.”

Today, she's changed her mind and formed a strong opinion on why the scene matters.

The scene sparked conversations about rape, domestic abuse, and sexual assault — which is why she's glad that it aired. 

"This sort of thing used to happen and it continues to happen now," Turner said. "And if we treat it as such a taboo and precious subject, then how are people going to have the strength to come out and feel comfortable saying that this has happened to them?”

"Screw the people who are saying we shouldn’t be putting this on TV and screw the people who are saying they’re going to boycott the show because of it," she remarked.

Sophie Turner says "screw you" to critics of Sansa's rape scene
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Sansa has spoken.