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We know the hurt she's experiencing when it feels like her best friend is being pulled away from her.

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"I feel like most females have had a best friend at some point in their life who chose their boyfriend over you, and it just overall hurts. I feel like she is the classic friend that wants the best for you and wants you to be happy and make good decisions with dumbo boys that won't hurt you." — Sarah, 24

And we admire her for sticking by Nancy's side in spite of that hurt.

photo: Netflix

"Barb will wait for you outside, alone, bleeding into the pool while you bang your new boyfriend." — Alle, 31

We identify with Barb because she was REAL.

photo: Netflix

"She was a wholesome character, but you could tell she was genuine. That character was real. She was a teenage girl who loved her best friend. She was hurt when she thought Nancy was going down a shitty path, and even after being told to leave, she stayed. Because you just don't leave your best friend like that, even if they say leave." — Regan, 22

Her inevitable spin-off is eagerly anticipated by us all. Got that, Duffer brothers?

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Despite their previously glib response to Barb's death, here's hoping the show's creators recognize and remedy what they've done. Will got out of the monster's sticky lair when it already seemed too late, didn't he? Why shouldn't Barb get the same, or at least a more dignified, ending?

We have to believe Barb deserves another chance. Because Barb is ALL OF US.