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One fan searched high and low for one of the show's looks and found it at Target of all places. 

Eleven runs through the Starcourt Mall looking for her new signature style and finds it in this bright, patterned romper. It is truly an '80s-inspired look, but it is also contemporary enough to wear today. One fan found this dupe at Target for $28. "FYI: @Target sells Eleven’s romper," they shared.

Some fans dug deep into their own closets to find similar '80s-style shirts that matched Hopper's look. 

Honestly, the best bet for finding a similar style is to hit your city's vintage stores. Plenty of old nostalgic gear gets tossed out every day. As the saying goes, one person's trash is another person's treasure. This Twitter user found the jackpot in their closet: The shirt almost exactly matches the shirt Hopper (David Harbour) wears on his attempted date with Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder). 

One of the most beloved fashion moments in the season was Hopper's date-night button-down. And a spot-on dupe can be found at Hot Topic

One person asked Netflix where they acquired such an iconic '80s look, whereas another person compared it with a cartoon from the '90s — Rocko's Modern Life. "Okay, seriously @netflix where can I buy the Chief Hopper Hawaiian shirt? @Stranger_Things," the tweet reads. 

Some sleuthing fans found a campy dupe from Hot Topic that costs $30. 

Some fans found that Target hooked it up with Dustin's Camp Know Where gear. 

"Camp Know Where '85 shirts are already available online," one person tweeted. The shirts match Dustin's bright green and yellow shirt and hat emblazoned with "Camp Know Where '85" across the front. It's available at Target for $16, and it comes in plus sizes, too. 

Scroll through all of the Stranger Things fashion online, and pretend you're Max and Eleven barreling through the Starcourt Mall. 

One fan was missing the '80s styles after watching Max and Eleven's romp through the mall. "Max and Eleven's fashion mall crawl, though. These 80s styles need to come back!" they wrote.

After the release of season three, there have been tons of collaborations by brands inspired by the nostalgic show. Nike, H&M, and Levi's have collections out, too. A black and yellow top that matches Eleven's look is available from the denim retailer for $80 alongside more Camp Know Where gear, including a hat that matches Dustin's perfectly for $30

Not only was the fashion in the show iconic, but the inclusion of '80s toys, retail stores, comic books, and even the carnival rides were as accurate as possible. 

The nostalgic element of Stranger Things is one of the reasons that makes it so great. The creators of the show, the Duffer Brothers, do a great job implementing the right '80s music and gear to fully pull viewers into that time period. One fan loved the addition of the nerdy action figures from Dustin's room. 

"Only kids from the 80s will understand the joy of watching these toys especially the robot #StrangerThings3," one person wrote on Twitter. Adding in these elements allows for people who lived through that era experience their childhood, and introduce an influential culture to younger viewers. 

Attempting to find toys and action figures from the '80s is difficult, but vintage stores and pawn shops are often the best places to find them. 

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