If 2016 was good for anything at all, it at the very least gave us the gift of damn good TV — namely the mind-blowing Netflix show "Stranger Things," and the real-life angels that make up the cast.

Thankfully, Hollywood didn't forget our sweet band of D&D-loving misfits and gave the show two nominations: "Best Television Series - Drama," and "Best Actress in a Drama," which went to Winona Ryder.

But the best part of the nomination HAS to be the reaction the kids had to the news. 

Caleb McLaughlin, who plays "Lucas" on the show, was kind enough to share their super sweet reaction.

The best part? These kids are just so... normal. No shoes, shameless squeals; they are so precious and just need to be protected at all costs. 

And even though Millie Bobby Brown wasn't with the gang, her solo reaction was just as sweet.

And special shoutout to her dope manicure, too!

Please, PLEASE never change.

And congrats to the whole cast of "Stranger Things"!