Scoops Ahoy Robin, Steve, Dustin "Stranger Things"
photo: Netflix

It may still be the height of summer, but costume vendors are already preparing for the massive amount of Stranger Things costumes to be expected come Halloween. 

The sci-fi series has spurned an '80s fashion trend, and fans have been flocking to stores as quickly as Max (Sadie Sink) and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) traipsed around the Starcourt Mall. Most of the styles in the show were cute enough to wear as everyday looks and can be found at normal retailers. But two mainstay looks this season were the kitschy uniforms worn by Robin (Maya Hawke) and Steve (Joe Keery). 

Now fans have the opportunity to dress up as their favorite ice cream scoopers this Halloween, or when battling it out against the Mind Flayer and/or the evil Russian scientists. 

Steve Harrington is no longer the resident cool guy of Hawkins. 

A lot changed for Steve in the summer of 1985. Sadly, the perfectly coiffed popular kid didn't get into any colleges, so he got a summer job at the new mall ice cream shop to save up. As he became more awkward, he also became more relatable and beloved by the kids in the show, and by fans too. Even Robin, who couldn't stand him in high school, became friends with the smooth-talking high school hero. 

Adult Steve Scoops Ahoy Costume ($50, Spirit Halloween)

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Dress up as Harrington in uniform complete with a red neckerchief and a sailor's hat. Add some fake blood and eye makeup to create the post-fight Steve after he saves the day against the Russian scientists. The collaborative costume is officially licensed by Netflix and is almost an exact replica. 

Adult Robin Scoops Ahoy Costume ($45, Spirit Halloween)

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Robin is the newest character on Stranger Things and quickly became a fan favorite. Played by Maya Hawke, daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, Robin is a snarky and intelligent teen who loves to make fun of Steve "The Hair" Harrington. In this costume, you'll have to call Steve a "dingus," Robin's favorite burn. 

The costume wouldn't be an exact match without a whiteboard displaying these important statistics. 

Robin and Steve "Stranger Things"
photo: Netflix

The highlight of Robin's day is shutting down Steve's attempts at picking up customers at Scoops Ahoy. Her highly elaborate experiment consists of Steve entirely sucking when it comes to flirting. The whiteboard then ends up being used for a more important purpose, deciphering the Russian code and finding the hidden underground lab. 

Real Scoops Ahoy ice cream trucks have been touring around the UK and Ireland. 

"Have you spotted a scoops ahoy ice cream van in the wild yet? one might be coming your way," the Netflix UK Twitter account wrote to fans. Millie Bobby Brown shared the exciting news, and fans have been posting snaps of the trucks driving through various cities. The final ice cream truck drive is on July 17 in Dublin. 

Scoops Ahoy isn't the only aspect of the show that's been immortalized by a Halloween costume, by the way...

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Finish out your Scoops Troop gang by having two more friends dress up as Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) in his camp T-shirt and standard trucker hat, plus Lucas' sister Erica (Priah Ferguson), who becomes an integral part of the team. While there's no official costume for the youngest sleuth kid, her look can be easily replicated by wearing a helmet, holding a flashlight, and finding the best '80s gear. 

Demogorgon Dog Costume ($25–$75, That Crafty Friend Shop — Etsy)

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Furry friends shouldn't be excluded from the fun of dressing up, and this Demodog costume makes perfect sense for a pooch. It comes in varying sizes from XS to XL. The handmade look is created with wool felt, yarn, and straps.