"Stranger Things" Hopper is alive
photo: Netflix

Good news for Joyce Byers ... Chief Jim Hopper is alive!

As if the kids from Stranger Things haven't gone through enough, at the end of season three they were heartbroken from losing one of their closest comrades, Hopper. In the latest teaser trailer, it's been revealed that Hopper is alive, but not exactly well off. It seems like he's in a Russian prison camp, most likely taken captive by the evil characters from season three. 

While the rest of the plot for season four is being kept under wraps, we are so grateful to learn that David Harbour's character will be back for more adventure. This time I think Eleven will be the one doing the saving.

The teaser trailer looks intense, and Hopper is revealed to be alive!

It looks like all of our tears over Jim Hopper were for nothing. At the end of season three it seemed as if he sacrificed himself to close the portal to the Upside Down. However, he miraculously survived. Not so miraculously, though, he ended up in what appears to be a Russian prison camp.

Hopper is a fan-favorite character, and everybody was heartbroken when they thought he was gone for good. 

David Harbour brought edgy, dark humor to the show, and it would have been a completely different vibe without him. Now the show will take an even darker turn as he likely tries to escape from the prison. Joyce Byers and his adoptive daughter, Eleven, have moved away from Hawkins, with Will and Jonathan Byers officially splitting up the group entirely.

Now the season four title reveal makes a lot more sense. 

"We're not in Hawkins anymore" takes on a lot more meaning after this teaser trailer was released. I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of this season takes place in Russia. Perhaps the kids take a road trip to visit Hopper in his prison camp — or help him escape it.

Harbour shared the teaser trailer to his Instagram, clearly happy his character has not been killed off.

For everyone who believed that resident badass Chief Hopper would survive, Harbour wrote in an Instagram post, "For the faithful, Happy Valentine’s Day." The Stranger Things account replied in a comment, "and u don’t mess around w jim." Hopper has proven he can survive most things, but will he last in this frigid prison camp?

David Harbour has been spending a lot of screen time in Russia, so perhaps it's all connected.

Fans noticed that Harbour's Marvel character is also based out of Russia. Coincidence? I think ... probably. Harbour will appear in the Black Widow standalone film as Red Guardian aka Alexei Shostakov. One fan theorized that the universes somehow meet, "So Hopper becomes the Red Guardian and tries to escape?? Thus making the MCU and Stranger Things... connected??"

Now that post-credits scene makes a lot more sense. 

When the Russians referred to "The American" in the post-credits scene of season three, many fans were theorizing that it meant Hopper. Now we don't have to guess anymore, as it's been confirmed. One fan tweeted a photo of Hopper and wrote, "new number who dis?" The Stranger Things account replied, "the american."

Production for season four has already begun, but we don't have a release date yet. 

According to What's On Netflix, a source revealed that filming for season four started on January 7, 2020, and will conclude on August 5. At this rate, we most likely won't get to see season four until the beginning of 2021, but there will surely be plenty more teasers to keep us occupied until then.