Save for shows that actually aired during the 1980s, there are few TV series that can claim to have as much of a nostalgic effect as Stranger Things. The show, which takes place during the early to mid-'80s, serves as an ode to the beloved decade in literally every single way possible.

It might not seem so modern to younger kids thanks to ’80s fashion's retro resurgence, but the wardrobe in Stranger Things kind of hits the nail on the head with light-wash denim, graphic patterned T-shirts, neon color schemes, and high-waisted everything. Not only is the show's clothing spot-on but so are its verbal references to '80s pop culture, technology, and real-life history (I mean, that whole Soviet Russia plot could truly only happen in the '80s).

That being said, not all of Stranger Things' cheeky nods and references to the past are obvious — or even noticeable enough to catch (especially for those of us who weren't even alive at that point in time). Below, catch a few of the subtle '80s moments that probably flew right over your head while you were gnashing your teeth over the fate of Alexei.