*Hi, this post contains come pretty serious spoilers for season three of Stranger Things.

The new, third season of Netflix's hit sci-fi series Stranger Things left viewers with a TON of questions that need to be answered immediately. For starters, what exactly happened to Jim Hopper at the Gate? Is he still alive? Did he somehow manage to escape, only to get abducted and held captive by the Russians? A post-credits scene alluding to a mysterious figure simply named the American certainly makes it seem possible. But you truly never know with this show.

Another thing that hasn't yet been addressed: What happened to all the townspeople of Hawkins who disappeared when they got flayed by the Mind Flayer — are they just all dead now, and we are supposed to accept that? Or how about Eleven's powers, which tragically just stopped working in the season's final episodes... Is her "battery" dead for good? Where is she off to with Joyce, Will, and Jonathan Byers? There's simply too much up for debate in the Stranger Things universe right now.

Luckily, we already know there's going to be another season (actually, two — the show's been renewed through season five, at which point it'll end entirely). And the cast of the show know a little bit about its plot and where it will be set. At the red-carpet premiere of season three, they let a few details spill — catch 'em in the video below.