"Stranger Things" season three
photo: Netflix

It seems like season three of Stranger Things just wrapped up, but we're already talking about what's to come in the recently announced season four.

The show's Instagram account just dropped another teaser for the upcoming season, and fans are already theorizing. The Duffer Brothers are hard at work on the script and just revealed the name of the first episode. Plus, in celebration of Stranger Things Day on November 6, the series shared tons of bloopers from seasons past. 

The new script has an ominous title. 

Episode one is called "The Hellfire Club," according to the post on the show's Instagram. "We’re starting a club. Wanna join?" the caption reads. Fans are already trying to guess what the name could mean, and some think it has to do with comic books. Specifically, the name could be a reference to the X-Men comic book series. Or perhaps it signals that a totally new group will be introduced. The Stranger Things writers are keeping it hush-hush, obviously. 

To satiate fans' need for more Stranger Things content, bloopers were released. 

The series also shared some hilarious behind-the-scenes footage. "WE DECLARE THIS THE DAY FULL OF BLOOPERS," reads the caption. One fan commented, "This makes me smile so big. OMG."

Then more bloopers from season two were released. 

The Stranger Things writers' Twitter account also shared an image of the new script and tweeted, "Looking for new members... are you in?'" Some eager fans took that to mean a casting call, and replied with their headshots and interest to be in the series. While it is unlikely that that is how they'll find new faces for the show, it is possible that a new crew is featured in the show. The teaser trailer revealed that they're leaving Hawkins in season four. 

And even more bloopers. This time as babies in season one. 

The gang has grown up so much in front of viewers' eyes. The five original kids are now teenagers, and they look so different. 

The season four teaser has me worried about the fate of Hawkins and what will happen in the Upside Down. 

The teaser announcement for season four looked majorly dark and ominous. The creepy caption reads, "We’re not in Hawkins anymore." Considering the Byers family and Eleven moved out of Hawkins, there will probably be totally new and different elements to season four. The Duffer Brothers always know how to surprise fans, and the highly anticipated upcoming fourth season will surely be no different. Now, fingers crossed we won't have to wait too long to get the answers we're craving.