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Kara certainly nailed the “heroics” aspect of her life last season, and this season, we’ll see her struggle with the rest of her identity as a person — which is definitely an important message for young girls and women in the audience to see.

Met a wonderful woman today @reallyndacarter

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“I think that women’s rights is very prominent in politics right now, and a lot of women everywhere are speaking out and really fighting for change and fighting for equality,” Benoist said. “I hope that our show has even a little bit to do with that, even if it’s just influencing the younger generation to realize that when they’re older, they can have all the things that they want and that they are strong enough, and that women, any gender, we should all be on an equal playing field.”

“I learned a lot about that from being around Lynda Carter,” she admitted. Sounds about right — not only did she pioneer the female superhero scene as the star of “Wonder Woman,” but she’ll be guest starring alongside Benoist as the President of the United States. Talk about promoting positive change via television, right?