Tati Westbrook is a superstar beauty influencer, but she was on a career quest to be a television star before all of her YouTube fame! Reddit users uncovered old footage of Westbrook acting on TV, and they're tripping out over her intriguing former life. Imagine binge-watching your favorite throwback television show and spotting a beauty influencer whom you currently follow when you had no idea she was ever a TV star! After more Redditors joined the thread, more people discovered even more surprising details about Westbrook's acting career.

A Redditor was casually watching the show Greek, and boom — there was Tati Westbrook. 

"Did anyone else know that Tati did some acting in 2007?" the person wrote along with a brief video clip of Westbrook on her television screen. For clarification, yes, Tati Westbrook was an actress. Per her IMDb page, she appeared on the television show Greek as an unnamed sorority girl for 10 episodes in 2007. That's not where her acting days began or ended though! 

As a teenager, Westbrook also appeared on an episode of Unsolved Mysteries.

Westbrook played a "terrorized teen" who was attacked by burglars on episode 25 of season eight. The episode aired on May 10, 1996! The beauty influencer was a child television star when many of us were still in day care and some of you hadn't even born yet. Westbrook was destined to be a superstar one way or the other!

One Redditor noted that Westbrook's entire immediate family has worked in Hollywood.

"I'm pretty sure she and her sisters were all child actors. There's a thread on it here. She was on an episode of [Unsolved] Mysteries and her sisters (who are twins I think?) were in an episode of the X-Files," one fan wrote. Westbrook's mother, Cindy Krievins, is also a "talent/agent manager," according to IMDb.

Westbrook also competed on a competitive dance show in 2013. 

In 2013, Westbrook was a competitor on the Dance Showdown 3 show, hosted by former America's Best Dance Crew contestant D-Trix. You can view her routine in the video shown here. Apparently, Westbrook was involved in dance for several years in her late teens and wanted to give it another try. She reflected on the experience a few years later on Twitter.

Ha! Her Dance Showdown 3 experience isn't her fondest memory.

"OMG. I wish I could erase this from my brain! The dance, outfit, hair, [and] makeup. I didn't pick ANY of it & the judge telling me that it would be better to wear a skimpy outfit so people would look at my body, not my moves SMH," she wrote. "A back to having one of those nights where you can't sleep cause you're thinking about every embarrassing thing you've ever done. This is a sparkling part of the highlight reel," she shared in a separate tweet, complete with a facepalm emoji. 

Nevertheless, her fellow beauty influencer Raw Beauty Kristi thinks she did a spectacular job.

"THIS IS THE BEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN," Kristi tweeted with a dancing GIF. How cute is that? Westbrook also took the reactions in stride. "YOLO," she wrote back in the Twitter thread. 

Overall, though, her biggest acting gig was her recurring role on Greek, which is still available on the Freeform (formerly ABC Family) website.

That's right. Every single episode of all four seasons of Greek is available on the Freeform website for your viewing pleasure. You probably have to sign in with your cable provider (or borrow the info from a friend, hehe), but it's sitting right on the web! You could also just enjoy Westbrook in the here and now on her YouTube channel, where she regularly uploads her beauty and lifestyle videos, for which she's most famous. 

Basically, Westbrook is VERY successful and has been for almost all of our lives.