Crafting a collection inspired by the dystopian horror that is "The Handmaid's Tale" sounds like a nightmare come to life. However, social activist clothing label Vaquera was up for the challenge when it envisioned a fashion-focused take on the show's themes. 

The brand was inspired by both the show and Margaret Atwood's book.

However, Vaquera is definitely not trying to romanticize the characters' struggles. Instead, it's attempting to highlight the show's themes on oppression through the red-and-white capsule collection, which was funded by Hulu.

“Margaret Atwood is involved in creating the show and we wanted to treat the subject with as much respect and not just make a bunch of bonnets and red dresses,” said one of the brand's designers, Patric DiCaprio, according to Vogue. “We are talking about the issues discussed in a less literal way.”

This look is a big "eff you" to the commanders in "The Handmaid's Tale," who ban women from reading.

Yup. In Gilead (the country formerly known as the US in the world of the show), women aren't allowed to read. If they do, they'll get their hands chopped off. Lovely. 

There is also a "Maidez" jacket in the collection.

The designers chose to focus on red since it's the color handmaids are forced to wear on the show. "The Handmaids are dressed in red, which is a color historically associated with violence, oppression, and sex," Vaquera said, according to Refinery29. "We felt so strongly about the use of red in the story that we decided to make a collection of all red looks for this project." 

Since the majority of women's rights have been revoked in Gilead, the brand created this Suffragette look.

"Don't let the bastards grind you down," is a phrase the protagonist, Offred, hears from another handmaid.

The phrase helps Offred stay sane as she deals with Gilead's oppressive regime.

And while Vaquera's hoodies and jackets probably won't make an appearance on the show, we're still so excited to see how the season ends this Wednesday.

h/t Yahoo