"The Office" dundies
photo: NBC

When The Office leaves Netflix, fans will need something to fill the Michael Scott-sized hole in their hearts. These Funko Pop! dolls based on the iconic characters just might do the trick. 

The fandom-based dolls are adorable figures similar to the bobblehead collection that Dwight Schrute keeps on his desk. With traditional figures, sets, and collectible editions, there are multiple to choose from that are meant for the most extreme fans — like Billie Eilish

Kevin Malone with his spilled chili pot, an argument between Toby Flenderson and Michael Scott, and Dwight Schrute in his Christmas costume are just a few of the figures that are available in the new collection on Amazon. 

Funko Pop! TV: The Office - Dwight Schrute (Amazon, $10)

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Dwight Schrute is known for his love of collectible action figures and bobbleheads. This figure would fit in well with the collection on his Dunder Mifflin desk. He'd need to keep it far from Jim Halpert's grasp, though, for fear of some kind of prank, no doubt. 

Funko Pop! TV: The Office - Michael Scott (Amazon, $10)

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Proudly holding his self-bought World's Best Boss mug, this Michael Scott bobble looks just like the character. Played by Steve Carrell, the ridiculous manager had plenty of jokes and impersonations that kept life interesting at the paper company. Plus, Carrell's character is known for his countless quotable moments. 

Funko Pop! TV: The Office - Pam Beesly (Amazon, $10)

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Pam Beesly would be happy to know that her figurine features post-season-four hair. The second half of the dream couple Jim and Pam, aka PB&J as dubbed by Andy Bernard, is played by Jenna Fischer. The aspiring artist works her way up in Dunder Mifflin, starting out as the receptionist and finally making it into sales. 

Funko Pop! TV: The Office - Jim Halpert (Amazon, $10

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I can imagine this Jim Halpert doll smirking and shrugging at the camera in that Jim Halpert way. Played by John Krasinski, this character is a notorious prankster and is head over heels in love with Pam. Some of the best Jim Halpert pranks include the stapler in gelatin, the Pavlov's dogs trick on Dwight with Altoids, and impersonating Dwight. One limited edition Funko Pop! doll is Jim Halpert in his Dwight Schrute costume that looks nearly identical to the Dwight doll. 

Funko Pop! TV: The Office - Kevin Malone With Chili (Amazon, $10)

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One of the best opening scenes in all of the series is when Kevin Malone trudges into the office with a huge pot of chili. The dim-witted accountant describes the painstaking process it took to create the dish — and promptly drops it across the entire floor. The moment has been immortalized in memes across the internet everywhere and, now, as an adorable figurine. 

Funko Pop! TV: The Office - Darryl Philbin (Amazon, $10)

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Darryl Philbin, played by Craig Robinson, is another character who moved his way up at Dunder Mifflin. Starting out as just one of the warehouse guys, Philbin ended up in a management role by the end of the series. He also has a lovely voice and created a catchy theme song for Dunder Mifflin's commercial that never actually went anywhere, but it stuck in fans' heads for years. "Out of paper, out of stock ..." 

Funko Pop! TV: The Office - Toby vs. Michael (Amazon, $20)

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No collection would be complete without a Michael Scott vs. Toby Flenderson moment. The well-meaning HR employee was despised by the branch manager. In the episode "Goodbye Toby," Michael Scott gifts his nemesis a rock that says, "Suck on this." 

Funko Pop! TV: The Office - Dwight As Belsnickel (Amazon, $11

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Among Dwight Schrute's many strange characteristics is his holiday tradition of acting as Belsnickel, a Santa Clause foil that is a real-life part of German folklore. One of the most hilarious Christmas episodes was "Dwight Christmas," when Dwight Schrute played out this part and whacked Jim Halpert with a branch, dubbing him "impish" as opposed to "admirable." This figure would make a perfect holiday gift for someone who has been acting impish this year, too. 

Funko Pop! TV: The Office - Michael As Classy Santa (Amazon, $11

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Another highlight of The Office's Christmas episodes was Michael Scott's classy Christmas, when he dressed in a Santa Claus newsboy cap to impress Holly Flax. The annual Christmas party was complete with a harpist and ice sculpture, but Darryl Philbin's young daughter was unimpressed when there wasn't a "real" Santa Clause to visit at the office party. This is another figure that would make any The Office fan thrilled to open during the holiday season.