"Everything Sucks!" and more shows for the whole family to watch together.
photo: Netflix

Have you quickly made your way through all of your recommended titles on Netflix and in need of something new to watch with the whole family? This list has exactly that. 

Families are together now more than ever –– and are getting increasingly more bored. In these challenging times, families need to find things to watch that are going to entertain everyone, from dads to little sisters. 

These shows have mystery, some teen drama, good acting, and some supernatural elements that will keep everyone intrigued.

Locke & Key

The three Locke siblings move into their old family home with their mother after their father has been mysteriously murdered. The home, called Keyhouse, holds even more mystery and is filled with magical keys that lead to clues about their father's death. The show is rated TV-14 and is classified as a horror-thriller.

October Faction

This series is told through the point-of-view of varying age groups, so everyone in the family will be able to relate at some point. The Allen Family are a group of monster hunters in upstate New York. The parents are a part of a secret organization, and their 17-year-old twins are dragged into the drama.

Black Lightning

This CW superhero series is based on the DC comics of the same name. Jefferson Pierce is a retired superhero who kept the city safe from a gang called The 100. Pierce decides to put on his mask again after Jennifer, his star-student daughter, is recruited by the gang.

Stranger Things

This may seem like an obvious choice, as most everyone has watched and rewatched this critically acclaimed series. Stranger Things truly has something for everyone — nostalgia, budding romance, supernatural, and thrills. Binge-watch all three seasons and get even more excited for the upcoming fourth.

The 100

If you're looking for something to invest in for the long haul, check out sci-fi series The 100, with six seasons already on Netflix and a seventh arriving later this year on the CW. A group of 100 teens are sent to an uninhabited Earth, set in a dystopian future in which everyone lives in space. In this Lord of the Flies–like situation, they must learn how to survive on their own.

I Am Not Okay With This

Sophia Lillis plays Syd, a teen going through puberty when she suddenly discovers she has superpowers. It appears that everything is tied to her father's recent suicide, and Syd can barely hold it together. The series is easy to get through with seven 25-minute episodes.

Everything Sucks!

This quirky teen drama set in the '90s is reminiscent of cult-classic Freaks and Geeks. It touches on important themes for young adults, but also features a plot point among the parents too. With only one season, 10 episodes at 25-minutes each, this series will be a breeze to get through.