Veronica Lodge
photo: CW

Riverdale is back tonight, October 9, and season four is set to be another drama-filled senior year for the gang. 

Of course, the first episode will be a heartfelt start dedicated to the late Luke Perry and his character, Fred Andrews, but it will quickly turn into another dark and dramatic season. If the epilogue from season three is any indicator, twists are inevitable. 

Days ahead of the premiere at New York Comic Con, some of the cast and showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa shared some secrets about what's to come, including tons of teases about Veronica Lodge's sister, Hermosa Lodge. 

Riverdale is back tonight, October 9, and it starts off with the heart-wrenching Luke Perry memorial episode. 

Before the drama can begin, Riverdale is taking a breath to honor Perry and his character. The heartfelt episode was difficult as well as cathartic for the cast and crew to film. Ultimately, it was a necessary moment in order for the show to continue without Perry. 

Aguirre-Sacasa tweeted, "Tonight Season 4 of #Riverdale premieres. With an episode that honors our friend Luke. It’s an episode that’s bursting with sadness, but even more so with love. I’m humbled by the outstanding work everyone did on it. I hope you like it, Luke. We miss you every day."

But an entirely new character is coming this season, and it's bad news for Veronica. 

Trouble is stirring for Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes) — and I'm not talking about the fact that both her parents are being imprisoned. At the end of season three, Hermione and Hiram Lodge were both in jail for various crimes and cover-ups. Veronica's big bad sister is showing up to take over for their downright evil father. 

Mishel Prada is starring in the role, and announced her part back in September to Instagram. "So …  I’ve been spending some time in Riverdale lately :) || can’t wait for you to meet Hermosa Lodge," she wrote. 

Aguirre-Sacasa teased the new character at Comic Con ahead of the premiere. He told Seventeen, "We're meeting Veronica's older sister this season. Her name is Hermosa and she is as scheming as her father … I think at one point Veronica says something like, 'She's just like daddy, but a woman, so she's more dangerous.'" 

Mishel Prada has been known for her role as Emma on Vida

Prada stars on Vida, a show about two estranged Mexican American sisters in Los Angeles who are forced to confront each other and the truth about their mother's past. Her fanbase is strong, and one tweeted, "Mishel Prada is going to be on Riverdale?!? I AM DEAD!!!" 

Prada's Riverdale character, Hermosa, will be introduced in episode five of the season, according to Aguirre-Sacasa. 

He told Seventeen, "She's the other apple of Hiram's eye. She lives in Miami, where she's been doing what Veronica does in Riverdale, she's been running nightclubs and stuff. And one thing we haven't seen with Veronica, because she's an only child, is sibling rivalry. So that will be really really fun to play."

The Lodge family drama is alive and well in season four. 

Veronica may have wished for less drama in her senior year, but it's clearly far from over. Not only is her sister coming to town, but her parents are dealing with their own heated story line from behind bars. Marisol Nichols, who plays Veronica's mom, Hermione Lodge, revealed to Decider at the convention that Hermione and Hiram have a renewed romantic connection during their troubling trials. 

"I mean, they tried to kill each other. I think it’s more of that toxic addiction, sexual, intellectually stimulating thing that they have with each other … Why would they still be with each other? They tried to kill each other. They hate each other. Oh, OK, maybe the sex is good. So we kind of touched on that, in a really great scene. It’s gonna be fun," Nichols said.