Viola Davis headshot
photo: Splash News

A little over a year out from what's set to be a historic election, many executives in the entertainment industry have turned to political commentary. 

With Ryan Murphy's American Crime Story: Impeachment and The Politician, and now an entire Showtime series dedicated to former First Ladies, next year's slate of TV shows will be a deep-dive into the White House. 

Casting these iconic women was sure to be a challenge, but Showtime had just the right woman in mind for one of the roles — Viola Davis as Michelle Obama. The internet is obsessed with the choice because it's just downright perfect as both women are staunch feminists. Davis has portrayed smart, capable, feminist women in the past, and Obama will be no different. 

Seeing the two women side by side, it becomes even more clear how great Davis will be in this part. 

Deadline announced that Davis would take on the role of the former First Lady, and she will serve as an executive producer on the anthology series, too. "Proud to spotlight these brave, extraordinary women! #FirstLadies," Davis wrote on her Instagram post. 

The series is written by Aaron Cooley, who wrote a fictional political novel called Four Seats: A Thriller of the Supreme Court. The writer tweeted, "Rosemarie Irving (#FourSeats) was my favorite character I've created for one of my novels. So after writing 600 pages of a fictional First Lady, I thought maybe I should try my hand at some real ones."

Davis has played a slew of strong female characters, so this will just be another addition to the list. 

Viola Davis is known for her starring role in How To Get Away With Murder, a series about a criminal law professor and her students becoming entangled in a murder plot. Other notable movies Davis has appeared in are Fences, for which she earned an Oscar, The Help, and Doubt. Another of her upcoming projects is taking on the role of Harriet Tubman in a dramatized version of the life of the abolitionist and civil rights activist. 

On Women's Equality Day, Davis shared this quote about empowering women, which is exactly what she does through her acting craft. 

The 54-year-old will provide an in-depth look at the First Lady's personal and political life. 

This shot during the filming of the final season of How to Get Away With Murder actually provides a sneak peek at what she might look like playing the First Lady. The hairstyle and outfit are exactly how Obama wore hers during the eight years that she was in the White House. 

According to Deadline, the series will take place in the East Wing of the White House and take an inside look at both the political and personal happenings during the First Lady's life throughout her husband's presidency. 

Michelle Obama is not the only First Lady profiled, although an entire film could be created about her life. 

In this post, Obama gives a shoutout to Essence for its 25th anniversary during her book tour. First Ladies is a one-hour White House drama, with three scripts so far for season one. While Obama will be the subject of one of those scripts, Eleanor Roosevelt and Betty Ford will also be profiled. No actors have been announced for those two roles yet. 

The stunning Davis will be able to capture Obama's kindness, generosity, and warm heart. 

All of Davis' former roles have a quiet, determined ferocity. From Rose in Fences to Abileen in The Help, all of her characters give a close look at corruption and manage to stay down-to-earth and true to themselves. While Obama had her own independent successful ventures as First Lady, she also was the target of partisan attacks. Through it all, she managed to keep a level head and remain a feminist icon. That, plus her long-lasting marriage to President Barack Obama, makes her legendary.

The casting choice has been widely supported by fans, who already think Davis deserves the Emmy. 

"Give Viola her Emmy already!!" one fan wrote. This wouldn't be her first, though. In 2015, Davis made history as the first black woman to win Best Actress in a Drama Series. Perhaps, the First Ladies series will be her next chance. 

There will be plenty of inspiration from Obama's book and public records about what went on during her time in the White House. 

Michelle Obama's book Becoming was a longtime best-seller and gave an inside look at how she overcame struggles in the past. Now the former First Lady is touring and giving discussions about the memoir. According to Deadline, material for the series comes entirely from the public domain, and there's plenty of inspiration for Davis from videos, social media, and Obama's book.