photo: AMC

Like “The Walking Dead"? Do you enjoy being very sad and immobile? Have we got the TV marathon for you!

In anticipation of the series’ seventh season — which, as we all know, will begin with at least one beloved character getting beaten to death with a baseball bat at the hands of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) — AMC is hosting an 88-hour marathon of the entire dang show for FearFest. Bear in mind, the series is only 83 hours long. They are adding hours to this thing.

Luckily for our sanity, the marathon won’t air all at once. Starting October 16, AMC will plow through the first season and the first half of the second season before airing a retrospective of the entire series that Sunday night. Then it’ll pick back up again every night after 6pm (you know, right when most people get off of work and want to relax!) until culminating just before the Season 7 premiere on Sunday, October 23.

Obviously no one can truly prepare for over 80 hours of unadulterated apocalyptic torture and sadness, but here’s what you should expect to experience during this marathon:

Naive excitement

photo: AMC

"Look at all these sweet summer children! They still have hope!"


photo: AMC

“Is Season 2 over yet?”


“Wow, I forgot how much I hate Judith.”


“We have to watch Beth die again?”


photo: AMC

“It’s been four days of zombie gore. Why am I doing this to myself?" 


“Oh, that’s why I keep watching this show.”

Dad jokes

photo: AMC

"Hi Scared, I'm Dad."

And finally, Stockholm Syndrome.

“Can’t wait for Season 7! I bet Glenn gets brutally murdered next!”