Will Byers in "Stranger Things"
photo: Netflix

The third season of Stranger Things has been out for 24 hours now, and if you haven't binge watched all eight episodes already, then I don't know what's wrong with you. But with that said, there are spoilers ahead!

Twitter was full of reactions to the season, but the most popular were the feelings surrounding Will Byers' desire to stay a kid forever. 

The young cast have obviously grown up physically in the past three years, but they've also matured mentally and emotionally on- and off-screen. Romantic relationships have formed, and Will's feeling a little bit behind his five friends. 

Fans of the show could relate to Will's struggle with adulting and took to the internet to empathize with the stresses of growing up. 

Almost all of Will's lines throughout the season had to do with playing Dungeons & Dragons again. 

Who could forget the iconic opening scene in season one of the four young boys playing a magical nerdy board game. Stranger Things reignited the popularity of the roleplay game, and fans loved seeing the adorable kids play together in a juvenile way. Now, however, they've clearly grown up. 

Will is struggling the most with the transition into his teenage years, and all he wants to do with his friends was sit down and play like the old days. One person out of many who related to Will wrote, "Just wanted to say that I've never identified more with any character than I did with Will Byers in #StrangerThings #DnD."

Fans had some hilarious memes associated with Will's stress about growing up. 

Will Byers had one of the most difficult childhoods out of all of the boys. Not only did he get trapped in a different dimension AND possessed by an other-wordly monster, he also grew up without a father figure and in a lower income household. Out of all of the characters, he has had to overcome the most challenges. 

Some fans thought the least his friends could do would be to sit down and play his favorite game with him: "will has been through hell and he just wants to play dungeons and dragons and NO ONE WILL PLAY WITH HIM," this user shared. 

Noah Schnapp is the youngest actor out of the kids, but his character is maturing at a slower pace as well.  

This adorable meme shows that Will is just growing up slower than his friends, and he feels sad that they are growing apart. "I feel so bad for Will though... everyone else is growing up and leaving him behind #StrangerThings3," one fan sympathized with the character. 

Everyone has coupled up this season, except for Will. 

Even Dustin found love at Camp Know Where with his girlfriend Suzie. Mike and Eleven are obviously loved up, plus Lucas and Max have their on-and-off flirtationship. This season, Will feels left behind. This shot from That '70s Show sums it up quite accurately. Kelso and Jackie are making out right next to Donna and Hyde kissing as Eric awkwardly sits alone. One fan writes, "actual footage of will byers in st3 #StrangerThings3."

All of the single and third-wheel friends will feel Will's pain. 

One fan found the scene in which Lucas and Mike talk about relationships all too relatable. The tweet reads, "will in the background setting up d&d while lucas and mike talk about relationships. i’ve never related to a character more in my life #StrangerThings3." 

Can we all agree that playing board games with your friends is substantially more fun than an awkward first date?

Who wouldn't want to cosplay as a wizard and geek out over battles, spells, and potions in an epic game of D&D? 

"Will Byers is so relatable, because I, too, wanna wear a wizard robe and play D&D instead of kissing and going out on dates. #StrangerThings," one fan relates. 

The awkward transition from childhood to the teenage years means saying goodbye to some of your favorite toys and games that no longer appeal, but some keep ahold of those nostalgic memories. 

Noah Schnapp shared an image from one tragic scene in season three. 

After Will has a fight with his friends and realizes they are all growing up and moving on without him, he tears down Castle Byers, his chilldhood fort. "Told you you’d be crying," Noah Schnapp wrote in a post. Fans were relating to Will and crying along with him as he navigated through the struggles of high school.