"You" trailer
photo: Netflix

Joe Goldberg took over the internet last year when more than 40 million people binge-watched You season one. Now, he's back and creepier than ever. 

The second, thrilling season is coming on December 26 to Netflix, and the trailer just dropped a bomb on fans that they weren't expecting. Instead of introducing himself as Joe, Penn Badgley referred to himself as Will in the new season. Now, there are a whole slew of theories about the stalker and serial killer. 

Plus, a new video starring Victoria Pedretti as Love Quinn, the object of Will's affection, just dropped and shows he's not moved on from his creepy, twisted ways. 

Penn Badgley plays the disturbing stalker, serial killer Will, who was once known as Joe Goldberg. 

Badgley narrates in his best imitation of the creepy serial killer voice about how fake the world of social media is. In season one, Joe stalked his victims using modern technologies, including social media, in New York. It appears that he's adopted a new identity in Los Angeles and is named Will.

Fans are so excited that the season comes right after Christmas. 

After the holiday cheer is over, fans can immediately tune in to the creepy and totally addictive series. The binge-worthy show will drop on Netflix on December 26, and you can bet I'll be glued to the screen until I watch every episode. "Didn’t know it was possible to be creeped out and excited at the same time," one person replied to a frightening close-up of the stalker. 

One person joked that You stole Will's name from another popular Netflix series. 

The You Twitter account shut that idea down quickly, though. The Twitter user shared an image of Will Byers from Stranger Things, and the You team responded with: "That one is precious this one is joe." So, Badgley is still playing the terrifying murderer, but under a new alias. 

The trailer also totally makes fun of the Los Angeles influencer lifestyle. 

Any influencers from L.A. might be feeling a bit attacked from this trailer because it totally called out how curated people make their lives seem on social media. But then Joe, aka Will, is also totally curating a new identity for even more malicious reasons. 

The new identity has people wondering if he was ever Joe Goldberg at all. 

"Well now I question if Joe is even his real name," writes one fan on Twitter. It's possible that Badgley's character could have had multiple identities before killing Guinevere Beck, and now he's on to his next victim under a totally new name. The new identity could make it difficult for those in his life, like his ex-girlfriend Candace, to track him down on the other side of the country. 

Will is already stalking his next victim in a new Instagram post. 

The You Instagram account shared a video of Victoria Pedretti in character as Love Quinn, and Will (aka Joe) narrates his fascination with her. Badgley's raspy voice is giving me all of the creepy feels. Understanding what happened to his last love interest/victim, this monologue is downright terrifying.