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photo: Revelist/Bryan Green

Fifty-one women were murdered by men in Louisiana in 2014, giving it a rate of 2.15 homicides for every 100,000 women. The state also does not regulate assault weapons, or require gun owners to license or register their gun. In fact, gun owners are free to bring guns into restaurants, or stash them in their cars. The state also has the 13th highest rate of gun ownership in the country.



photo: Revelist/Bryan Green

Men in Alaska killed 11 women in 2014, giving this state the highest rate of male-on-female homicides in the entire country. Coincidentally it also ranked No. 3 on Gun & Ammo's list of best states for gun owners.

Gun owners in Alaska can tote their weapons with or without a permit, and can conceal them or carry them openly. There are also no restrictions — aside from the federal ones — on what type of weapon you can buy.

Cover image from iStock/KatarzynaBialasiewicz.