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photo: Revelist
photo: Revelist

He did not respond to Revelist's request for comment. 

Regardless, the survivor told Revelist she feels less alone.

"For the past few years I've felt disgusting. Like I'm this horrible human being. That I did something wrong," she told Revelist. "When this came out I felt like hey, this is him, not me."

UPDATE - [4:13 PM:] Screenshots of Glaser's Facebook statement have been added to this piece. 

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article attributed the post in the women's Facebook group to a UCB staff member. The admin of the group just copy and pasted text that an alleged victim sent to her. The article has been updated to reflect the attribution. 

CORRECTION: Two screenshots included in this piece featured a male comedian making a joke about Aaron Glaser and have been removed. Revelist wrote the comedian behind the post made light of the severity of the situation. The comedian contacted Revelist and clarified that his post was meant in jest, and he did not attend to make light of the allegations nor does he support Aaron Glaser.