Another day, another story about a woman's body being policed. Just a few days ago, a young lady went viral after she was berated in a bathroom because a woman felt she was too fat to wear shorts. Now American Airlines is under fire after a woman exposed its employees after they asked her to get off a plane and then required her to wear a blanket in order to get back on. This isn't the first American Airlines fat-shaming scandal. Sigh. Is this still 2019? Why is our culture still in such a disgusting place for women, our bodies, and our clothes? 

The woman, Latisha "Tisha" Rowe, took to Twitter to reveal how she was treated by the airline and exactly what she was wearing when employees singled her out in front of everyone on the flight.

Tisha Rowe rightfully called out American Airlines employees for making her deplane because they felt she looked inappropriate.

"So #AmericanAirlines just told me I couldn’t board the flight without putting a jacket over my ASSETS. My shorts covered EVERYTHING but apparently was too distracting to enter the plane. I guess that’s why they are AMERICAN airlines," Rowe wrote on Twitter.

Unfortunately, her story gets way worse than a single verbal reprimand.

She explained that the entire ordeal even left her son in tears. 

"I’ll post a picture of my ATTIRE when I land. After an AMAZING VACATION it’s ended with my son in tears with the blanket they asked me to wear to my seat over his head and will never forget this experience," she explained. 

No woman should ever go through this. No child should have to witness their mother be treated this way.

Rowe believes she was targeted for what she was wearing due to her being a woman with curves and the skinny body our society worships. 

"Yes, I walked down the aisle with an @AmericanAir mandated blanket on my [redacted]. No, my cheeks were not out. Yes, I have a huge [redacted]. I also have three degrees and own an international #Telemedicine company. Yes, I am humiliated. #bigbootyproblems #somedocs," she vented. 

"As a #singlemom, I pour my heart and soul into raising my son and he is always been [taught] confidence. Seeing my normally exuberant child hide under a blanket like a toddler made me want to vomit."

And this is what Rowe was wearing that made American Airlines cause such a scene. 

"Here is what i was wearing when @AmericanAir asked me to deplane for a talk. At which point I was asked to 'cover up.' When defending my outfit, I was threatened with not getting back on the flight unless I walked down the aisle wrapped in a blanket. #notsofriendlyskies," she explained.

Um... SHE'S WEARING A ROMPER. That's what so many people wear when it gets incredibly hot outside. Rompers are also a pretty common vacation ensemble. As Rowe iterated, her entire butt was covered. Nothing was hanging out. And even if it were, that shouldn't be an issue for her to sit on a plane and fly home with her son from a vacation. 

Rowe believes American Airlines must not be all that inclusive of people with curves. 

"PSA: If you have a big butt and wear shorts do not fly with @AmericanAir," she wrote. "Telling a passenger to cover their behind when their behind is already covered is BODY SHAMING," she shared in a separate tweet. Rowe is well within her rights to feel angry and singled out. It's especially disgusting that the airline employees singled her out in front of her child and in front of the other passengers. 

I can only imagine how humiliating it must have been to walk down the aisle wearing a blanket over your body as other passengers look on, when they clearly remember that you walked off the plane without that blanket. 

Rowe also explained how horrible she felt being body-shamed by an airline as a person whose body has changed over time. 

"As a mother my body has changed dramatically. Those changes mean more curves. It took time to appreciate them only to be shamed for them and even worse tell my son to be ashamed of my body as well," she explained. 

And this is exactly why all airlines need to make sure that they have proper and CURRENT training for employees about how to treat customers without bias.

Twitter has rallied around Rowe, with many people vowing not to fly on American Airlines.

"Policing women’s clothing is absolutely out of pocket! I will not be purchasing/flying @Americanair until @tisharownd receives [an] apology + full refund," one critic wrote. "Whether going on vacation or any other context of minding her own business, this MD/MBA doesn’t need your help getting dressed."

And that's that!

So far, all American Airlines has done is submit this very standard "DM us" tweet.

"We'd like to have someone reach out to you directly. Please share the additional info we requested in DMs," American Airlines tweeted to Rowe. She confirmed that she did send the airline her information. Policing women's bodies is not cool. Let's hope American Airlines does more to help rectify Rowe's horrifying experience than release this standard PR tweet.