Aaron Persky, the judge who punished Brock Turner with just six months after he was convicted on three felony charges of sexual assault, will not be allowed to serve in an upcoming case involving similar circumstances, the Santa Clara County Office told BuzzFeed.

"Persky will not preside over an upcoming preliminary hearing of a male nurse accused of sexually assaulting a woman under anesthesia," the outlet reports. "Persky was removed from the case after the district attorney’s office questioned the judge’s ability to be fair."

photo: Facebook

The case of Brock Turner is not the first time Persky has shown contempt for victims of sexual assault. As Revelist previously reported, "In 2011, Persky presided over a case in which a 17-year-old student alleged she was gang raped by the De Anza College basketball team. He allowed the defense to show the jury seven photos of the girl partying with friends a year or so after the assault, which showed her which showed her in fishnets and a garter belt."

Consequently, no damages were awarded.

Thousands across the country — and the world — have voiced their outrage about the outcome of the Turner case and have signed a petition to get Persky permanently pulled from his judicial duties. A representative from the California Secretary of State's office previously told Revelist that their signatures can't formally recall him — however, it seems the magistrate has been tried in the court of public opinion — and found guilty of failing to serve justice.