University of Texas at Austin junior Rosie Zander helps distribute sex toys to protest Texas Campus Carry.

photo: Samantha Grasso

On Wednesday, August 24, the first day of fall classes at the University of Texas at Austin, hundreds of students, faculty, and Austinites took to the campus with dildos in tow. 

With sex toys strapped to their bags, backpacks, and persons, the UT community protested Texas Campus Carry, a law that went into action on August 1 and allows the licensed concealed carry of handguns in select public university buildings.

UT Austin students pass back dildos to Texas Campus Carry protesters.

photo: Samantha Grasso

“Cocks not glocks,” protesters cheered through the heart of campus next to the UT clock tower, echoing a once-innocuous penis joke that protest organizer and UT alumna Jessica Jin made after the law passed last summer.

According to the Texas penal code, it is illegal to intentionally display or distribute obscene materials in public, dildos included. 

Jin questioned why guns would be allowed on campus if something as non-threatening as a dildo wasn’t. Within days, her reflection became the penis joke heard ‘round the world, receiving a ridiculous amount of press and hate for her proposed protest.

Jessica Jin speaks to protesters in solidarity with Gun Free UT, a faculty, student, and alumni organization against Texas Campus Carry.

photo: Samantha Grasso

In the 10 months that followed, dildo and sex toy manufacturers from across the globe donated an estimated 4,500 of the phallic-shaped protest tools to Jin and her team. 

Throughout the dildo distribution rally on Tuesday, August 23 and Wednesday’s protest, Revelist asked students why they disagree with Campus Carry.

From worrying about their own personal safety, to the potential repercussions that guns in classrooms could have on free speech, 15 students and community members reveal why they prefer "cocks to glocks."


Andrea, 22

photo: Samantha Grasso

"I don't want my mom to wonder if I will make it home this Thanksgiving."


Edward, 18

"More guns doesn't mean more safety." 


Carly, 20

photo: Samantha Grasso

"Guns do not equal a positive, open learning environment."


Catherine, 19

photo: Samantha Grasso

"Guns do not belong in an educational environment. #CocksNotGlocks #WeNeedGunControl"


Jacob, 18

photo: Samantha Grasso

"I am against Campus Carry because of the UT Tower Shooting." 


Taylor, 23

photo: Samantha Grasso

"If sitting next to a dildo makes you uncomfortable, how would you feel sitting next to a loaded lethal weapon?"


Emmy, 19

photo: Samantha Grasso

"More guns equal more violence."


Hannah, 19

photo: Samantha Grasso

"I am at UT to learn and not to be shot!"


Zoë, 22

photo: Samantha Grasso

"At a gun range you keep the loaded down range, not in your backpack."


Kelsey, 18

photo: Samantha Grasso

"My school is not a political battleground!"


Obie, 19

photo: Samantha Grasso

"I want me and my peers to feel safe on campus."


Megan, 20

photo: Samantha Grasso

"I shouldn't be afraid to walk to my classes. #CocksNotGlocks"


Yannira, 18

photo: Samantha Grasso

"It's another mass shooting waiting to happen."


Noah, 18

photo: Samantha Grasso

"I came for an education, not to worry about my SAFETY."


Jessica, 25

photo: Samantha Grasso

"I am protesting Campus Carry because violence silences creativity."