Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz sent an email to supporters on April 20, listing the sacrifices he's made in running for president — lack of sleep, lack of family time, and personal attacks, to name a few.

Apparently the senator was unaware that running for the highest office in the country means sacrificing some rest and relaxation and Senator Elizabeth Warren called him out on it, hard. 

As she pointed out in a few Tweets and a longer Facebook post, the presidency isn't the only job that requires these sacrifices — being a working-class American demands much of the same.

Not content to let Cruz's remarks slide, Warren posted a screenshot of the email on her personal Twitter. Then she launched into a searing point-by-point rebuttal of the senator's complaints.

Warren started with Cruz's comaplaint that his health is "limited."

Cruz voted against a bill expressing support for mandatory paid sick leave on March 25, and has repeatedly dismissed the idea of mandatory paid family leave.

She then used his complaints about "lack of sleep" to skewer him on his higher education policy.

The pair have sparred on this issue before: Cruz voted to keep Warren's student loan refinancing bill off the Senate floor in 2014.

She couldn’t let him get away with gripes about “personal time.”

Twelve dollars an hour? Fifteen? Nah, Ted Cruz thinks there should be literally no minimum wage.

And she schooled him on the hypocrisy of complaining about “constant attacks” from liberals.

Remember when Ted Cruz demanded that police "patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized?" Yeah.

Finally, she finished things off with this gorgeous truth bomb.

While Warren's takendown was impressive, one commenter's tweet may be the best response of all.

Donald Trump may have tiny hands, but Ted Cruz gets the world's tiniest violin.