An attorney representing former Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) improv comic Aaron Glaser has revealed what his client plans to do about the rape allegations against him.

Revelist first reported that the UCB allegedly banned Glaser on August 18 after multiple women accused him of raping them. Glaser denied those claims, and in a since-deleted Facebook statement, slammed the UCB's handling of the situation. 

Glaser directed Revelist to his attorney, Byron A. Divins, Jr., who maintains Glaser's innocence. 

"My client denies engaging in any horrific incident described in your piece," Divins said in a phone interview.  

He explained that "we have to wait and see" what the next steps will be regarding the case, until Glaser gets more info from UCB. 

"They brought him in and informed him without asking for his side or who the accusers are or what they said," Divins said. "At this point, the UCB needs to get back with my client."

When asked why multiple women would conspire against his supposedly innocent client, he said he and Glaser need to know who the women are first. 

"Not knowing who the accusers are —  it's hard to assign a motive," he said. 

Divins said he is not aware of any charges filed, just that "people made complaints and UCB acted to what they believe is appropriate." He didn't confirm whether or not Glaser plans on taking legal action against UCB, but said his client plans to contact them.

"Once we get all the information at that point we will decide," he said.

Aaron Glaser's Facebook profile photo.

Revelist once again contacted UCB's press contact, Raina Falcon, to ask more questions regarding Mr. Divins statements. Falcon did not respond to the questions Revelist sent.

We followed up again, and an automated message said that Falcon is currently "out of the country." 

Falcon responded 20 minutes after Revelist's 9 pm deadline.  

"We still have nothing further at this time," she wrote.