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The school district started receiving complaints about the worksheet after screenshots circulated on right-wing websites and social media.

Dorchester District II spokeswoman Patricia Raynor told Revelist she received angry calls claiming the school was indoctrinating children into Islam.

"Don't you know they’re killing Americans?" one caller asked her.

Raynor called these responses "an overreaction." She said the school has taught a similar curriculum for many years and never encountered pushback. In fact, the lessons in question were designed to meet state testing standards established by the No Child Left Behind Act.

"It is a course on ancient civilizations that's taught according to South Carolina standards," Raynor told Revelist. "...They will be studying ancient Roman history in coming weeks, and will be studying Catholicism. [Islam] is just one of many religions that is part of the study of these civilizations."

Raynor said the school would keep teaching such lessons, in order to stay on track for standardized testing.

"There's no indoctrination," she told Revelist. "It's a course of study, just like an algebra class."