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According to the News Channel 3 report, a pedicure for any other person ranges from $25-30; "overweight" people, per the salon's alleged sign, are then paying $15-20 extra.

When News Channel 3 walked in and spoke with Son Nguyen, the salon's owner, he denied there having ever been a sign like that there.

"[This was] the first time I'd ever been there," Ferguson told Revelist. "There was no sign up the second time; it was there hanging up. But I'm sure he was told about the sign going viral and he took it down."

Nguyen also refuted that Ferguson's photos were taken in his salon. "There are the same walls and floors everywhere, it could be anywhere," he said.

He did note to News Channel 3, however, that he has "thought" about putting a sign up, and even denying service to heavier customers — who he claims are "difficult" for technicians to serve and who have previously broken two spa chairs, which cost up to $2,500.

Revelist has reached out to Rose Nails for comment.

h/t Cosmo UK