He believes the aborted fetuses will meet him at the gates of heaven to thank him. But for now, noted Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Lewis Dear will remain at a psychiatric institution in Colorado.

On March 11, a Colorado judge deemed Dear — the man behind last year’s fatal shootings at a Planned Parenthood clinic — "incompetent to stand trial." He will remain at a Pueblo, Colorado mental hospital until the judge determines him fit for trial.

"Nobody has said that he is permanently incompetent," 4th judicial district judge Gilbert Martinez told reporters on Wednesday. "There are cases where people have been found permanently incompetent. Those are rare situations."

Dear shocked the country last November, when he entered the lone Planned Parenthood Clinic in Colorado Springs and opened fire, killing three and wounding nine. He declared himself a "warrior for the babies" in a December 9 hearing, and allegedly told one of his victims at the clinic, "You shouldn't have come here today."

Dear was charged with 179 felony counts in December, but his lawyer successfully argued that his mental state makes him unfit for trial. Two state psychologists testified that Dear suffers from a delusional disorder, which causes him to believe that federal agents are out to kill him. He has had violent outbursts throughout his hearings.

The Department of Justice reports that between 2% and 8% of all felony defendants undergo evaluations of their competency. The judge must rule whether the defendant has "sufficient present ability to consult with his lawyer," and "factual understanding of the proceedings against him."

Though Dear can comprehend the legal system and those defending him, Martinez ruled on Wednesday that "delusional beliefs are informing his decisions and his decisions are not based on logic." He ordered the state hospital to submit updates on Dear's condition every 90 days.

Leaving the trial, Dear expressed his opinions on the verdict.

"That's called prejudiced!" he yelled at the judge. "Prejudiced! Filthy animal!"