According to The Cut, an investigation by the New Hampshire attorney general revealed claims that it's a "ritual" for seniors at St. Paul's to attempt to have sex with as many of the younger students at the school as they can before graduation. This predatory behavior is referred to as the "Senior Salute." 

Five of these high school seniors were found guilty for violating school rules. They were apparently "disciplined" by the school. However, none of them are considered to have broken any New Hampshire state laws.

In response to the students' reprehensible actions, the rector of the school sent a letter to parents referring to the situation as a "game," and condemned these students for participating in it.

It's nowhere near enough, though.

Sexual misconduct has been a recurring issue at the boarding school. In May, St. Paul's School admitted that over the course of four decades, 13 of its staffers had engaged in sexual misconduct with students. According to the Boston Globe, the report accused administrators at the school of ignoring "and even concealing" the abuse.

And in 2015, Owen Labrie, a St. Paul's senior, allegedly sexually assaulted Chessy Prout, a 15-year-old freshman at the school. When Prout caught wind of these yearbook photos, she had this to say: 

“St. Paul’s School is operating in a bubble of denial, and their students are paying the consequences,” she told The Cut. “The adults at the school are allowing this predatory behavior to happen, and the best they can do is try to cover it up with stickers in the yearbook. Real people are being harmed because of the students’ irresponsible and damaging actions and the administration’s inaction.”

Prout, and all the students of St. Paul's, deserve much better.