If you think most of your Facebook friends spontaneously decided to hop on a last minute flight to North Dakota to protest the 1,172 mile-pipeline, not so fast. Before you get mad at them for not inviting you — here's what's going on.

According to a Facebook post that has gone viral, the Morton County Sheriff's Department can allegedly track who's at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation protest by monitoring check-ins on Facebook.

In order to confuse and thwart their efforts to arrest protestors, people on Facebook (and obviously not in North Dakota) are checking into Standing Rock in solidarity with protestors on the front lines.

The Standing Rock check-ins began popping up late last night, but more people appear to be catching on to this Internet protest this morning.

"I'm not really at Standing Rock. It's just a solidarity pie-in-the-face for the Corporate Man. Check it out, and maybe you'll check in at Standing Rock. too. I can't do a lot other than bring awareness, donate and call officials but I CAN do this," United Revolution for We The People posted on FB.

While some are just checking-in via Facebook, others have been encouraging them to do more. 

"I challenge all of my Facebook friends who are 'checking in' at Standing Rock to take a few minutes and contribute some $ to the legal defense fund for the water-defenders," Cynthia Rosengard said in her FB post.

Jacobi Berg, 26, a member of the federally recognized Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, told Vivala that this check-in idea is a perfect way to protest.

"I have yet to check into Standing Rock," Berg said. "But it's a great idea. Because the authorities and others can see who is checking in and monitor and single those people out. So if everyone does it, then it's hard to get a grasp on exactly who is there and who isn't. I will be checking in today sometime."

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Even if the check-ins are a hoax, at minimum, they're getting the word out about the violent situation playing out in Standing Rock.  

Here's how you can protest the pipeline via Facebook.

We've contacted the Morton County Sheriff's Department for a comment and will update this story when they respond.