Keeping up with the news is hard enough. Keeping up with everyone else's opinions on the news? Almost impossible. So every week, Revelist rounds up the most socially-conscious (and real, and raw, and hilarious) tweets on the internet. Just one more way we help you stay woke.


This epic shutdown of racist Potter haters

The world was given their first glance at the grown-up Potter family in the “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” play this week. In addition, the first images of adult Ron, Hermione, and their daughter, Rose, were also debuted. 

Some individuals, however, were upset that a black actress was cast to play Hermione. In her typically #woke fashion, J.K. Rowling quickly shut down those haters reminding everyone that there was no mention of Hermione’s skin color in the books. So for anyone that complains, point them in the direction of the queen’s tweet to show them that they’re wrong.


This tweet showing support for Amber Heard

On May 22, Amber Heard shocked the celeb world by filing for divorce from her movie star husband Johnny Depp. This news broke just three days after his mother died. According to TMZ, however, Heard arrived at an LA courthouse on May 27 with a bruised face and claimed Depp was abusive. There were a lot of accusations regarding the cause of their breakup, but this tweet clearly shows when it comes to victims coming out about their abuse, there's only one reason why.


This takedown of Susan Sarandon's political knowledge

Hollywood actress and staunch Bernie Sanders supporter Susan Sarandon claims an indictment over Hillary Clinton's email scandal is inevitable. When talking to MSNBC on Thursday about her choice of candidate, Sarandon wondered aloud why no one was talking about it. MSNBC’s Chris Jansing interjected Sarandon’s thoughts by saying that no was talking about it because it hasn't happened yet. This tweet reaffirms that celebrities can have opinions, but merely having a platform doesn't make them experts. 


This hypocrisy callout from an unlikely source

Trump and Clinton are officially on a war path against each other. On June 2, Clinton tore Trump a new one in an eviscerating speech against the GOP nominee, criticizing his temperament and lack of foreign policy knowledge. As a result, Trump has upped his attacks on the Democratic frontrunner, calling out her own temperament and poor decision-making skills. Jerry Springer, the talk show host and “ringmaster of civilization’s end,” called out the hypocrisy of Trump.


This tweet making us even more excited for the general election

In Hillary’s killer speech against Trump, she called out a bunch of his lies. Trump, in response, basically asserted that Clinton is the real liar. Clinton said “NOPE” and linked to proof that Trump did, in fact, say every. single. thing. she. mentioned. Game, set, match. Your move, Dorito-face.


Honorable mention