While trying on a fancy evening dress in a gown store, Sydney Uselton took a selfie and sent it to a friend for feedback, but the message went to someone else instead. 

That someone was Tony Woods, a father of six who says he got the text and decided, "Let's make this person's day." His response led to a viral Twitter moment and heart-melting twist that NO ONE expected.

This is the tweet that started it all. Uselton's friend Mandi shared the misfired text and response — and Twitter was like, YES, FINALLY, SOMETHING GOOD IN THE WORLD! 

Woods and his kids replied to the text with the ultimate "yes to the dress."

Five of his six kids gave Uselton a big thumbs up!

And so do we! 

The tweet, which has gotten over 700,000 likes, didn't end there. Karma took the wheel — big time. 

After an overwhelming response, Woods revealed why only five of his six children were in the photo. His 4-year-old son Kaizler is battling Leukemia and was at a chemotherapy appointment when Woods took the viral thumbs up photo.

According to A Plus, people started sharing the family's previously setup GoFundMe page for Kaizler's treatment and over $23,000 was donated.

In the past few years that the GoFundMe had been up, the family had only raised $3,000 for Kaizler's mounting medical bills. 

“We still have about a little over a year worth of treatments to go," Woods told Bored Panda of his son's treatment. Kaizler's mom Rachel was overcome with gratitude, saying, "It is so refreshing to be reminded that there are good people in the world who still care about others and are quick to be generous and kind ... I would like to thank EVERYONE from the bottom of my heart."


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99% of the time Twitter is a raging trash fire, but that 1% of the time where people band together and do something good keeps us believing