I'm the kind of person who has a panic attack around one bee, so a whole swarm of them? I'm good, thanks.

An Ohio mom, however, chose to celebrate the upcoming birth of her fourth child by covering herself with bees. 

You'll never guess the mom's job.

Mama-to-be Emily Mueller is, of course, a beekeeper. According to Daily Mail, her and her husband, Ryan Mueller, own 24 hives for their company, which amounts to 1.2 million bees. 

Over 20,000 of them ended up on her pregnant belly.

The bees were apparently super content.

Prior to the shoot, Mueller fed the bees sugar to make sure they were "content and gentle enough to work with."

The bees themselves were "very warm" and felt like "a kitten is walking on you."

Yeah, sure, if that kitten had 20,000 stingers armed at the ready.

She only got stung three times.

"I felt calm throughout, though I did get stung three times," Mueller revealed. "I accidentally squished one with my butt and another under my arm pit, and the third time I was pretending to eat a bee jokingly and I squashed one against my lip."

As for photographer Kendrah Damis? Zero stings!

The photos are definitely stunning, but that's still a hive full of "no" for us.